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Why Choose Us? 24 Reasons Ice Dam Guys® Is the Best Ice Dam Removal Company You Can Hire in MN or the US

Call us at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for same-day or next-day steam ice dam removal here in the Twin Cities.

We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured, and are the best-reviewed ice dam removal company in Minnesota and the US. You can end the roof leaks with a phone call to Ice Dam Guys®.

How We’re Uniquely Able to Solve Your Ice Dam Problem and Make Your Home Leak-Free Fast

Why do homeowners from Minneapolis to Boston to Spokane – and everywhere in between – trust Ice Dam Guys® to remove the ice dams on their roofs and protect their homes?

You’re wise to want to know. Most ice dam companies that dress up as ice dam removal professionals sound great over the phone. But often they make promises they can’t keep – like give you an estimate over the phone without seeing the ice dam on your roof, or swear they can remove all the ice in 2 hours.

We’re not the cheapest ice dam company.  We may not always tell you what you want to hear.  But you can trust our pros to remove your ice dams safely and efficiently when you need us to.

To do that, we’ve had to leave “good enough” standards in the dust.  Here are 24 differences between Ice Dam Guys® and less-experienced, less-dependable ice dam removal companies:


Difference 1: We offer same-day or next-day steam ice dam removal.

If you’ve got an ice dam emergency, our ice dam pros can be there when you need us.

We train, battle-test, and field a large crew of Ice Dam Guys® techs, because we know an ice dam emergency can’t wait. If you have an emergency and we’re in your area, we’ll either be out there the same day or the very next day, depending on how booked we are. We offer same-day service in our native Minnesota every year, of course, and offer it wherever we go when Ice Dam Guys® crews have to go long.

“I had four major ice dams on my roof. Within 24 hours of calling Ice Dam Guys®, Kyle, the companies service guy, called me to set up an appointment for the next day. That was a quick response because our area in Oregon had lots of ice dam problems. Kyle was great! He worked very efficiently and had those dams gone within two hours.” – Earl Kennel, Minneapolis, MN

Difference 2: Our same-day service is available all winter long.

Because an ice dam emergency can slam into your home at any time of the winter, and because every second counts, every Ice Dam Guys® tech commits to being on-call for the whole season.

We’ve offered same-day service since 2007, when nobody else did it (to our knowledge).  We know exactly why most companies don’t offer it even today: to offer fast service that’s also safe and effective, you need to make it worth your techs’ trouble, which is why we started paying our Ice Dam Guys® double.  That allowed them to sign – happily – a legal agreement that says they’ll be available all winter long to remove your ice dam within a day of your call.  (That’s no easy feat, for our techs or for us, considering that we’re called on to help thousands of homeowners in a matter of weeks.)

An Ice Dam Guys® tech’s family must have the patience of an oyster – but at least you won’t need to.  It’s a small and temporary price to pay to make sure your home doesn’t pay the price.

Difference 3: We use only safe & effective steam to remove ice dams.

It’s hot and powerful enough to send your ice dams to the Pearly Gates, but won’t damage or soak your shingles.  We might be the gentlest ice dam removal company ever.  Take a look at the below photo.  Notice that there’s still moss on the part of the roof where we just removed an ice dam.

Difference 4: We’re specialists.  Ice dam removal is all we do in the winter.

Most “ice dam removal companies” in fact are out-of-work roofers or gutter cleaners or window washers.  They sense an opportunity and just swap out the decals on their trucks.  They have no qualms about accepting your money to do a dangerous job they may not be prepared to do safely or ethically.  Ice dams can present problems, puzzles, and pitfalls.

As long-time specialists in ice dam removal, we’ve worked on every type of roof there is (even glass), and have worked in every situation you can think of.

“We had a roof leak due to several ice dams. The guys got us scheduled quickly showed up early, and got the job done in less than the estimate. We have a shake roof, and I have since walked the roof and was pleased to find the ice was completely gone and no damaged had been done to the roof. Dan was friendly and explained the process and kept us informed as the ice was removed. I hope we never have ice dams again, but if we do I will definitely use the Ice Dam Guys® again.” – Steve Bright

“Ice Dam Guys® were extremely prompt both with call backs and service. Jake was totally professional and he and his helper were fast and very skilled and thoughtful about the safety of our concrete roof. We would not hesitate to hire them again and will definitely ask for Jake to service our ice dam issues again should that need arise.” – Ron Cutler

Difference 5: As ice dam pros and specialists, we invest a fortune in our equipment.

Remember Mr. Haney from Green Acres, and how everything he sells breaks right away?  We can’t decide whether most ice dam companies are Mr. Haney (purveyors of junk) or are the dupes who buy the junk from him.

In either case, the results for you are the same: they go to big-box retailers and buy steamers that aren’t meant specifically for ice dam removal.  They can’t or won’t keep that equipment maintained, and have to hold up your job (often on the clock) when their equipment finally sputters out on your roof.

Ice Dam Guys®, on the other hand, invests tens of thousands of dollars every year in buying and maintaining our equipment, particularly our custom-build “Steamzilla™” ice dam steamers.  We employ several full-time mechanics year-round, whose sole job it is to keep our fleet of Steamzilla™ strong and mean enough to satisfy their appetite for ice dams in the winter.

Difference 6: We’re properly licensed, bonded & insured, because we refuse to put you or your home at risk.

A few other ice dam companies might be able to do a competent job for you, but if anything goes wrong, you’ll be on the hook for any damages to your home, or even for any bodily harm the ice dam removal “professional” brings on himself.

Working with Ice Dam Guys® is boring and uneventful in the very best way.  We didn’t build the reputation we’ve got by mucking up jobs.  But on the off-chance anything happens on our watch, we’re set up to pay the price, not you.

Difference 7: We’re the most experienced ice dam removal company (as far as we know).

We can make that claim for at least two reasons: (a) we’ve been in business since 1996, and removing ice dams since 1999, and (b) we’ve removed tens of thousands of ice dams for homeowners across the country, typically with hundreds of safe and swift ice dam removal jobs in a single winter

“We experienced one of the worst winters in our city’s history. Many houses were experiencing collapsed roofs and ice dams. We had an ice dam that was causing concern to our new house. The possibility of damage was significant. Ice Dam Guys® were featured in our newspaper and on a radio home-fix show. I contacted them, warned that due to the volume of calls there would be a delay. Very soon, within 24 hours, Adam from Ice Dam Guys® was up on our roof. No delay. He arrived on time (refreshing), reviewed what he was going to do and went to work. He discovered more ice dams than we hadn’t seen and removed those. The work was done quickly. He clearly knew what he was doing. There was no mess and nothing for me to do. I heartily recommend Ice Dam Guys®.” – Ed Spandau

Difference 8: We’re the top-reviewed ice dam removal company.

Many of our customers have spoken their minds on third-party online review sites – from Google to Yelp to Facebook to Angie’s List and other review sites.  (Just Google us, if you haven’t already.)  Not only are we the best-reviewed Twin Cities ice dam removal company, but we’re also the best-reviewed in America.

Difference 9: Customers give us great testimonials, too.

Even in these days of online reviews, many of our customers still send us “thank-you” notes.

Difference 10: We’re known and recommended by authoritative third parties – and not by shady organizations.

The Better Business Bureau rates us A+ (as do reviewers there).

Ice Dam Guys<sup>®</sup>, LLC BBB Business Review
We won the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award.  Not only are we screened and approved by HomeAdvisor, but we’re also top-rated there.

Difference 11: We’re open and honest about our hourly rates.

Because they fluctuate with demand, please call us for our current rates.

“I called in the morning knowing I had a problem as the ice dams were building, and the Ice Dam Guys® arrived in three hours to remove.  The technician Alex was expedient and professional. He knew what he was doing, and went out of his way to be quick in order to minimize the costs.  He made the process painless, and understood the stress a homeowner fearing house damage goes through.” –Gail Bogdanow, Minneapolis, MN

“I was able to schedule an appointment without issue during the craziest winter we’ve had in 30 years. Dan was very accommodating in letting me know the severity of the situation and whether or not I should be concerned. He was friendly, did great work, and I never got the sense that I was being gouged for more time. This is certainly a “better safe than sorry” situation where I would rather definitely pay a few hundred dollars than maybe pay tens of thousands in repairs if the roof were to be lost. Hopefully, I’ll never need services like this again, but I am so grateful they were available when I did need them.” – Chris Jensen

Difference 12: We’re straight shooters about billing in every other way, too.

We don’t charge trip fees or hidden fees.

Once we’re on-site we do whatever we can to reduce the number of hours the job takes – and we’ll tell you how to start saving money before we pull up to your driveway.

We bill in 5-minute increments, rather than round up our time “on the clock.”  We only bill for as long as we’re at your home, and no longer.

We work as quickly as we safely can, so you pay as little as possible.

“We were very impressed with this company. They came and worked every second they were at our house. There was never a moment I was worried the work wouldn’t get done. They were professional and dedicated to getting the work done as quickly as they could and with the cost of the service that was important to us. I hope that I don’t need Ice Dam Guys® again but if we do I will only trust them.” – Heidi Burpee

“I can only second all the previous outstanding reviews by people from Central Oregon. This winter did remind me of one winter I spent training in Minneapolis. Temperatures here were sub-zero for nearly two months. Snowfall was heavy. Around here, when snowfalls are heavy, the problem is normally concern about flooding due to rapid melting. Not so this year. Despite valiantly trying to avoid ice dams to the amusement of my neighbors, after six weeks I noticed some minor interior leakage. Though able with great effort to stop the leakage, I knew that my solution would not last. I had seen one of the Ice Dam Guys® signs and called them. They responded the very next day. Their technician, Daniel, was clearly quiet experienced at navigating hazardous roof conditions and very proficient in operating their steam equipment. Most of all, he was eminently aware of my costs. Not only was he meticulous, he was swift. If ever in this position again, I will call them much sooner. Though the price was not low, it was money that was well spent. Many who thought chasing the potential ice dam problem was unnecessary are now supporting the renovation businesses in the area!” – Tom Ream, Bend, OR

Difference 13: Our ice dam pros are uniformed, courteous, kind, and well-trained.

You’ll never mistake an Ice Dam Guys® expert for a gutter cleaner, a temp worker, or an inmate on furlough.

Difference 14: We bring extra ice dam equipment.

Every important piece of equipment in every Ice Dam Guys® truck has at least one backup.  That helps ensure we can get the job done for you no matter what Old Man Winter throws at us, and that an equipment issue doesn’t derail or unnecessarily delay your ice dam removal.

Difference 15: We won’t leave until the job is done, or until you tell us to.

It’s true that we’ve got a full dance card, especially during peak ice dam season, so overbooking would be easy.  But we didn’t become the last ice dam removal company you’ll ever need – or the top-rated one in the US – by giving customers half a loaf.

Our large crew of friendly Minnesotans and the demands we place on the patient-as-oysters folks in our front office may seem excessive to ordinary ice dam removal companies.  But they’re what allow us to devote as much time as is needed to remove your ice dams safely and meet your standards.

Difference 16: We’re big enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you.

We keep 30-40 Ice Dam Guys® techs on hand in a typical winter.  That’s not “big” as far as companies go, but if other ice dam removal companies grew to our size, their customer service would soon take on a McDonald’s-like flavor with a hint of TSA.  You’d be little more than a number and a check.

We could describe our professionalism and “Minnesota friendliness,” but we’d rather just suggest that you read what customers say in their online reviews of Ice Dam Guys®.  Our customers can explain better than we can why many of them do things like invite us in (or out) for dinner after our work is finished.

“I want to thank Heath and his co-worker for coming to our rescue so quickly, he did not mind coming to Idaho City on short notice. They did a great job and saved us from having more damage caused from the Ice dams. They were very polite and professional. I think those young men deserve a big fat raise, it is very hard to find good help like that any more.” – Terry Peterson, Idaho City, ID

Difference 17: We can help you prevent ice dams.

We can rake or shovel off the snow on your roof, and are glad to give you ice dam prevention tips in-person.

“Brett from the Ice Dam Guys® in MN was fantastic in every way. He completed the job within the time frame he estimated and took time afterward to explain to me why the ice dam occurred and steps I can take in the future to mitigate the problem. I highly recommend the Ice Dam Guys® and Brett to anyone with the misfortune to have an ice dam. They’ll take care of it and give you piece of mind.” – Lisa Tradewell

Difference 18: We can help repair the damage caused by interior leaks.

Of course, we hope your ice dam problem doesn’t come to that – and almost certainly it won’t if you call us soon enough.

Difference 19: You can get to know us.

One way to do that is to join other homeowners on our Facebook page, where we’ll keep you up-to-date on ice dam news and tips.

Difference 20: We’re registered Federal Contractors.

We’re the first and (as of this writing) only ice dam removal company approved to perform ice dam removal for the US Government, with its many agencies and countless buildings throughout the country.

US Federal Contractor Ice Dam Removal Compan

Difference 21: We’re proud to offer senior discounts and military / veteran discounts.

Difference 22: We say thanks for telling a neighbor by offering you a $50 discount.

All you need to do is tell your Ice Dam Guys® technician that your neighbor is ready to have their ice dams removed right after your job is finished.  You’ll save $50, and so will your neighbor.

Difference 23: We’re native Minnesotans.

If you’re not from Minnesota – which is quite possible, because we do ice dam removal all over the US – you might find that “Minnesota friendliness” is not just a myth.

If you are from Minnesota, we speak the same language, probably root for the same sports teams, and know how strangely endearing a Minnesota winter can be (when ice dams aren’t a concern).

Difference 24: We share our ice dam expertise with you.

Our Head Ice Dam Removal Guy, Joe Palumbo, is a often-cited expert on ice dams, and is frequently interviewed by local news stations and The Weather Channel. He’s even been interviewed by the BBC.

But you don’t have to catch one of our interviews to get a little more ice-dam-savvy.  Joe is an Expert Contributor author at Angie’s List, where he writes posts regularly on ice dams.  We also raise awareness through our Learning Center, our FAQs page, our blog posts, and other info on this site (and on our other site, IceDamRemoval.com).

We take pains to take photos of ice dams, too – so you know exactly what you’re looking at on your roof.

We figure the more informed you are about ice dams, the better off we all are.

“Hart called immediately and was at the house exactly when he said he could arrive. Fantastic worker who took pains to clear the ice dam and plugged vent without damaging either the roof or the area underneath. I can not recommend him or the company more highly. Hart also explained the cause of my leak into my kitchen window area. Excellent!” –Alice Petrie, Minneapolis, MN

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