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Ice Dam Removal Jobs: We’re Hiring Ice Dam Techs

Pay: $100 – $150 per billable hour of your work. 

If you’d like to make solid money this winter, work in blasts, still have plenty of time left for whatever else you like to do, and add a few stamps to your Tough Guy card, apply to become an Ice Dam Guys® technician.

We use steamers to remove giant blobs of ice from our customers’ roofs, in what’s known as ice dam removal.  That also involves shoveling snow, mostly on the roof.


We’re the best and most trusted ice dam removal company because our techs follow great SOP in the field, routinely save our customers’ homes from serious water damage, stay safe, and then do it all again.

You don’t need to know anything about ice dam removal to apply for this job. We’ll train you.

Speaking of which, we can probably guess a few things about you:

  • You don’t like doing Dilbert-style busywork all day
  • You have a higher risk-tolerance than the next guy
  • You hold yourself to higher standards than the next guy
  • You intend to make more money, get more out of life, and have more to be proud of than the next guy.


Assuming we understand pretty much how you’re wired, we can also say a few things about why you might make a fine ice dam remover. Every job has its trade-offs.  Ice dam removal is not for everyone, but it may be up your alley if these trade-offs sound like what you want:

1. You’re good to take on a heavy-duty job in exchange for a lot more money.

2. You’ll trade in some comfort for work that takes grit.

3. You’ll skip the predictable grind of a 9-to-5 job in favor of working for yourself.

4. You’ll skip some buddy-buddy coworker time in exchange for being left alone and allowed to do your best work.

5. Rather than spend your winter in an ordinary job you know you’ll hate, you’d like to take a flier on an unusual company that provides a niche service, prove yourself to be great, and create some rare job security.

Basic job requirements of an ice dam removal technician:

We don’t want to waste each other’s time, so please know up-front that we cannot work together unless you meet a few basic criteria: 

1: You must own a reliable full-size pickup truck, or be prepared to rent one.

2: You must have General Liability and Workers’ Comp business insurance or be prepared to buy both.

3: You must be willing and able to buy some very basic tools that you’ll need, some of which you probably already own (like a ladder, a heat gun, etc.).

4: You must be able to pass a drug test and not have any substance-related demons.

5: Your background check must not cause us any great concern.

6: Your driving record must not cause us any great concern.

7: You must be able to work in one of the areas where we remove ice dams, including (but not limited to) here in Twin Cities, Chicago, Cleveland, Madison WI, Boston, Salt Lake City, various cities in Oregon and Montana, and many other locations from coast to coast.  Note: that does NOT mean you need to live in or near ice dam country.  For instance, many of our finest technicians live in Texas.  Saddling up for ice dam jobs fits into their lifestyle in one way or another.  You can figure out where ice dam jobs fit into your plan.  At the moment, nearly all of our work is in Minnesota (in and around the Twin Cities metro).

What we hope to see:

1. Friendliness. Although you’ll be on the roof or in your truck much of the time, you’ll also spend a good amount of time around customers. It helps that our customers tend to be friendly, hospitable, and occasionally very good tippers.  We’re blessed to have them.  In any case, our goal has always been for Ice Dam Guys® and our customers to bring out the best in each other.

2. Surefootedness. You don’t want to be overconfident and cocky, but you also don’t want to need a change of shorts every time you climb a ladder. If you’re a roofer, a window washer, or a gutter hanger, you probably have your sea legs already.

3. Handiness. We mean that broadly.  You don’t need to be a nuclear sub engineer.  You do need to be able to thaw a hose bib without melting the siding, do basic maintenance on a small engine (like change the spark plug and clean the filter), position a ladder and stabilizer safely on a house, operate a steamer continuously so the lines don’t freeze, and so on.

4. Cold-tolerance. This isn’t a great job for someone who’s cold all the time, like because of poor circulation. You don’t need to be the guy who always sweats like he’s at his parole hearing, but running a little hot isn’t a bad thing in this line of work.

5. Thick hide. Pretty much any job is easier if you’re not offended easily or constantly, and this one’s no exception. 97% of our customers are amazing, but occasionally we get a booger.  We hope you’re pretty good at letting things roll off your back, maybe because (like us) you tend to find the humor in life.

By the way, if you like working with us during ice dam season, we may have year-round work for you in our unrelated warm-weather business IF you’re interested.  Either way, if you and ice dam removal are a good fit you’ll always have a steady winter job here.

For a well-paying wintertime job, some adventure and new scenery, apply now.

Apply Now to Become a Well-Paid Ice Dam Removal Technician