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About Ice Dam Guys® – the Top-Rated Ice Dam Company

Palumbo Services, Inc. (DBA Ice Dam Guys®, LLC) opened its doors in 1995 and incorporated in 1996. Since the very beginning, we have taken great pride in old-fashioned customer service, professionalism, and attention to quality and detail.

When we began removing ice dams on roofs 20 years ago we could count the number of ice dam removal companies on one hand. We might have even been able to use 3 fingers! The business was brand-new. Nobody was talking about this stuff much, if at all, because we were one of the first to start addressing this problem. We were one of the first to discover that steam was the best way to get rid of ice dams. 

We’ve maintained a perfect A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because we always put the customer first. Ask anyone we’ve worked with. They’ll tell you we aren’t satisfied unless we’ve exceeded their expectations. That’s what made us not only the top-reviewed Twin Cities ice dam removal company, but also the best-reviewed ice dam removal company in America.

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About Joe Palumbo, Ice Dam Guys® President

Joe Palumbo - Head Ice Dam Guy

Joe Palumbo

Joe grew up in Lino Lakes, graduated from Forest Lake High School, and proudly served in the US Navy for two years in the early ‘90s.

After returning home and working for a local landscaping company for a couple of years, Joe discovered what he’d always suspected: that he loves working outdoors.

He started his landscaping company in 1995 but quickly realized that he didn’t want to pack up and head indoors when winter rolled around—not even during harsh Minnesota winters.

Since then, Joe has enjoyed being part of the solution to a recurring problem facing homeowners in snowy areas: ice dams on the roof. Joe has put his very soul into assembling the finest team of ice dam professionals—with the mission of making every winter a little safer and easier to endure for Americans in cold climates.

Although Joe is an incorrigible workaholic who rarely “takes it easy,” he does enjoy a bit of hunting and camping in his spare time. He lives locally right here in the Twin Cites with his lovely wife, Dina.

About Our Ice Dam Steamers, and a Brief Comment on Why They Don’t Really Matter

We spend our off-seasons and slow winters investing in R&D, a claim that very few in our industry can make. This has allowed us to custom create an ice dam steamer (affectionately called “Steamzilla™”) that has a number of advantages over our competitors.

  • We can vary both the pressure and the temperature to account for a variety of roofing conditions.
  • We’ve added a special tip that keeps the steamer from impacting the shingle, so even if a tech’s arm gets tired he won’t lay the tip of the steamer directly on the shingle.
  • We’ve added control and safety features that ensure we can stop steaming right away if there is any problem whatsoever.
  • We have invested a great deal of time and money into learning when high pressure is and is not appropriate so we can handle your roof in an efficient fashion. “Low and slow” is no way to go when you’re trying to save a customer money. It’s only appropriate if the customer has a glass roof, solar panels, or something similar.

Although the Steamzilla™ ice dam steamer is an integral part of the Ice Dam Guys® team, we don’t talk much abouit. Our competitors like to talk about steamers all day long, but as far as we are concerned, steamers are not a selling point. We only talking about them here because we get asked about them often.

We’ve done everything we can do to create the best equipment we can create, including our ice dam steamers, which are best-in-class.  Great craftsmen want amazing tools when they can get them.

But we keep our emphasis where it belongs: on experience, skills, and rigorous training. Our philosophy is this: when you send someone in to do surgery, you want the best doctor, not just the best scalpel. We’ve chosen a scalpel which won’t damage your roof and which will get the job done right. The rest, however, is up to us.

Please don’t hire us because we’ve developed a great tool. Please do choose to hire us because you trust our professionalism, our reputation, our expertise, our ethics, and our know-how.

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