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Ice Dam Removal for Apartment Buildings

As winter approaches, it’s crucial for those who are affiliated with apartment complexes – owners, property managers, and tenants – to be vigilant about the formation of ice dams. Similar to residential ice dams, apartment complexes also experience them at different times throughout winter. Due to the increased size of the apartment building’s roof (ie: often much wider and longer than a normal single-family home), they can get very big. For that reason and many more, ice dams pose a serious risk to the structure’s integrity and residents.

The Ice Dam Guys help apartment building managers and owners with ice dams. Here, we see a large ice dam forming in the corner and valley of a roof on an apartment complex. Ice and snow have created an ice dam.

Why Ice Dams are a Concern in Apartment Complexes:

  • Property Damage: Ice dams can weigh thousands of pounds and can cause significant and costly damage to the property. Commonly, we’ll see ceilings caved in, roofs leaking into units, and strained gutter systems in an apartment complex.
  • Safety Hazards: Accumulating ice can present a danger to tenants, with the risk of falling icicles. When we say icicles, we don’t mean the cute ones you imagine, but behemoths like the ones you see on this page. These can be and have been, fatal to those they hit, so it’s a real concern all properties should be aware of.
  • Financial Liability: In the event of damage or injury caused by neglected ice dams, property managers could face legal and financial consequences. This is no different than how you’d be liable if a person slipped and fell on your property due to no snow removal services on the walkways.

The Ice Dam Guys help apartment building managers and owners with ice dams. In this photo we see a HUGE icicle bank and ice dam. This thing is easily 10 feet in length and probably double that wide. It takes over the entire corner of an apartment building's roof!

Proactive Measures for Ice Dam Prevention and Removal:

  • Visual Roof Inspections: Conduct frequent checks for signs of ice dam formation, which are commonly slabs of ice forming on the roof or those large icicle dams. If you notice any leaking inside the home you need to call for emergency ice dam removal now.
  • Tenant Communication: Educate tenants about the signs of ice dams and encourage them to report any issues promptly. Education will be important here, as a large property could experience a lot of unintentional false reports from good-natured tenants. Emailing photos of ice dams with your alert can be very helpful and you can browse our collection online for images.
  • Roof Snow Removal Services: Consider hiring professional removal services, like Ice Dam Guys®, to regularly remove snow from roofs, which can help prevent ice dam formations. The less snow on the roof, the less likely you are to experience large ice dams.
  • Emergency Removal Plans: Have a plan in place for the quick removal of ice dams in case they do form, to minimize damage and liability. Working with a company like the Ice Dam Guys® comes in handy since we’re open 24/7 and schedule same-day and next-day appointments!

The Ice Dam Guys help apartment building managers and owners with ice dams. In this photo we see a green multi-family home that has icicles coming from an ice dam hanging over the gutters. There's a wreath on the door, so it must be the holidays.

Responsibility and Accountability:

  • Landlord and Property Manager Role: It’s the responsibility of both the landlord/s and property manager/s to ensure the safety and maintenance of their properties, which includes addressing ice dam issues.
  • Rental Agreements: Ensure that rental agreements clearly outline the procedures related to ice dam prevention and removal. You, not the tenant, will always be responsible for addressing them, but adding a clause or blurb about being diligent in spotting ice dams can be helpful. Also note the chain of command for reporting and how (ie: text, call, or email with photos) tenants should proceed.

Preventing and managing ice dams in apartment complexes requires vigilance, preparation, and a commitment to safety. By taking proactive steps and understanding the risks, property managers and landlords can protect their investments and more importantly, their tenants from the hazards of winter weather.

If you have any questions or need emergency ice dam removal for your apartment building, please call us at 1-800-423-3267 or contact us online. We’re ready to take your call 24/7.

We often experience extreme call volume during peak ice dam season. Therefore, we encourage you to please call us as early as possible.

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