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Best-Reviewed Ice Dam Removal in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has been our hometown and home base for over 20 years. It’s where we removed our very first ice dam – on a business with a dangerous ice dam on its roof. Ice dam removal wasn’t well-known, but the business owner already knew us as general problem-solvers.  After we removed our first ice dam safely, it occurred to us that it probably wouldn’t be our last.  In time we established ourselves as the best-rated Twin Cities ice dam removal company, according to customers’ reviews.

Today, we’ve got the tools and techniques to handle any ice dam the Minneapolis weather gods might drop on us – on any type of building, residential or commercial. We’re even one of the few companies capable of handling multi-family homes.

Ice Dam Guys® on Minneapolis TV

You may have even “met” us before, even if you don’t remember doing so. Twin Cities news outlets feature us often. We’ve been featured on KSTC-TV, WCCO-TV, KARE-TV, The Weather Channel, and many other smaller networks as well.

One KARE news report holds special memories for us, because we ended up performing ice dam removal on Channel 11’s roof after they got some serious leaks of their own.  Like that trusted source of Minneapolis news, we’re Minneapolitans’ trusted source for safe ice dam removal.

Minneapolis counts on Ice Dam Guys®

Because we’re right here, we can get to our customers fast, which has been a source of many 5-star reviews, like this one:

“They responded to my message for help in a timely manner. All local companies were scrambling with calls due to a unique winter and serious ice dam issues. Alex responded the next day and started on my home. It was a lot of work and was more serious than I imagined. I was lucky to not have leaks or any roof damage. After two days my roof was clear and I could rest at ease. Alex was thorough and helpful with suggestions for future snow falls and preventative measures to take. I thought he worked tirelessly both days to get my job completed. Well worth the money!” –Julie York

One thing you’ll notice about us after a few minutes is we take the time to show you how to protect your home or business from ice dams.

You’ll see these efforts on our website, but we do it whenever we’re at your home as well.

“I was able to schedule an appointment without issue during the craziest winter we’ve had in 30 years. Dan was very accommodating in letting me know the severity of the situation and whether or not I should be concerned. He was friendly, did great work, and I never got the sense that I was being gouged for more time. This is certainly a “better safe than sorry” situation where I would rather definitely pay a few hundred dollars than maybe pay tens of thousands in repairs if the roof were to be lost. Hopefully, I’ll never need services like this again, but I am so grateful they were available when I did need them.” –Chris Jensen

We Minneapolitans pride ourselves on being able to handle whatever winter can throw at us. We’ve survived three nasty ones in the past decade: the winter of 2010, 2013 and the winter of 2014. Even when winter was at its toughest, though, most people just kept right on going.

Those of us who live in Minneapolis make it through winter partly because we’re tough, but also partly because we learn from experience.  That’s why we’re as serious about our share-the-knowledge efforts as we are about doing ice dam removal safely for Minneapolis residents. If you don’t need our ice dam removal services today, check out our Learning Center, FAQ, and blog.  We want to give you, our fellow winter warrior, the know-how you need to protect your home and property every wintery season.

Ice Dam Guys® technicians are always available in and around Minneapolis 

Ice Dam Guys® techs often travel to other parts of the country when they’ve been hit by major winter storms. But we’re always available to residents of Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs, including Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, and Bloomington – to name just a few.

If you’ve got ice and snow all over your roof, call us as soon as you can. If you’ve got an ice dam emergency you can bet everyone else in town has one too, and it can be hard to get the help you need once our phones are ringing off the hook.

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