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Registered Federal Contractors Approved to Perform Ice Dam Removal for US Government Agencies

Ice Dam Guys (as of this writing) is the first and only ice dam removal company that’s SAM-registered as a Federal Contractor.  If you’d like to verify our claim, you can search for our parent company by typing in exactly “Palumbo Services, Inc” here.  That means we’re the only company currently approved to perform ice dam removal services for the US Government.  We have completed several jobs for the Government, including for the VA, and are well-equipped to handle more.

Joe Palumbo US Federal Contractor

How does that concern you?  If you work for Uncle Sam in an office that’s screeched to a halt (or may soon) because of ice dams on the roof, you can call Ice Dam Guys now to remove the ice dams safely and efficiently, and to handle payment through the proper channels.  For a good cause like workplace safety and productivity, we’re glad to add to the deficit.

You’re from the Government, and we’re here to help.

If you aren’t a federal employee, why should you care that we are the only federally approved ice dam removal contractor?  How does that unique qualification of ours (one of many) help you?  Well, because you can deduce a few things about us that may help you determine the ice dam removal company that’s right for you:

  • We’ve been background-checked and vetted to kingdom come.  Uncle Sam knows more about us than our wives and mothers do, and has concluded that we are pretty boring guys. Now, it’s true that someone with a criminal record may not mean someone is evil.  But not having a rap sheet doesn’t mean he is any good at ice dam removal, either.  In any event, you’d probably rather not have an ice dam “professional” with a checkered past (or shady present) perform work at your home and ask for payment on the spot.
  • We’re dedicated enough to our craft to have done an ungodly amount of paperwork. It took months, and made us nostalgic for low-paperwork activities like getting a mortgage.  We knew it would be work and that it would be worth it in the end, but the amount of work was beyond belief.  You’d think we were trying to get a permit to build a shopping mall in the wetland habitat of the endangered whooping crane (during mating season).
  • We’re specialists. If we were (for instance) window washers, gutter cleaners, or roofers 10 months out of the year, we couldn’t afford to spare the resources and hours it takes to complete the painstaking SAM registration – let alone afford the specialized equipment and experienced crew necessary to complete a job for the Government.

To get help from the ice dam removal company trusted by homeowners, business owners, and the US Government, contact Ice Dam Guys today.

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