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Our Steam Ice Dam Removal Services

Call us at 1-800-423-3267 if you have an ice dam on your roof and live anywhere in the lower 48. We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured, and are the top-rated ice dam removal company in the US. So far in 2022 we’ve removed ice dams from Chicago to Cleveland to Erie PA to Green Bay WI & beyond, and of course right here in Minnesota. You can end the leaks with a phone call to Ice Dam Guys®.

Got ice dams on your roof? Ice Dam Guys® has over 20 years of experience in safe steam ice dam removal. We were one of the very first ice dam removal companies in the Twin Cities, and – as far as we know – the first national ice dam company.  In time we’ve become both best-rated Twin Cities ice dam removal company, and the best-rated company in the US.  We can help you protect your home from the leaks and other damage ice dams can cause.  Please read more about our range of ice dam removal services, below.

Emergency Ice Dam Removal

We offer same-day steam ice dam removal, which means there’s no reason to avoid calling us if and when you’ve got an ice dam emergency. How do you know you need us right now?

Call us right away if:

  • Water is leaking into your home as you read this.
  • Icicles have formed on your siding. You may not see a leak yet, but having icicles on your siding is a sure sign water is making its way through the roof and under the shingles.
  • You see brown icicles. The icicles have likely turned brown because they are picking up dirt or debris from the underside of your shingles. They may also be picking up soot from your chimney. Both are signs that a leak has formed, even if you don’t see drips in your home yet.
  • More than two feet of snow has accumulated on your roof. Though there are a number of variables, this much ice and snow is dangerous because in some cases it can cause a roof collapse. It’s also very difficult to remove that much snow without professional help.

What you need to know about calling us during an ice dam emergency:

  • Do not try to shop around too much during an ice dam emergency. Of course, please do your research and make an informed decision before you call. Just be aware that when one person has an emergency, everyone else in town has one. Our phones start ringing off the hook and our voicemail fills up quickly. If you are lucky enough to get a reputable ice dam removal company on the phone when you need one, schedule the appointment while you still can.
  • If your leak stops late at night that does not mean the emergency has passed. It simply means the leak has frozen and is no longer active. It will be back in the morning when the sun is out. Enjoy your reprieve, but understand the emergency isn’t going to go away on its own.

Want to learn more about emergency ice dam removal? Click here.

Residential ice dam removal serviceResidential Ice Dam Removal – We can easily steam ice dams from any type of residential structure—including single-family homes, apartment buildings, condos, and townhouses. We have the equipment and experience to handle any type of roof.

Tips on how to prepare for your ice dam removal appointment:

  • Make sure a legal adult is home for the entire appointment. Someone should be inside the house at all times to monitor leaks as we work. We also want you to watch skylights and basements for signs of trouble. We can make adjustments, but only if we have sufficient information to work with.
  • Find your spigot and make sure we have access to it. You can save a lot of money this way, because we won’t have to burn up time you’ll be paying for as we hunt around to locate the spigot. Our steamers need water to take care of your ice dam!
  • Make sure we know about items which may be buried under the snow such as patio furniture or grills. Chunks of ice will be falling off the roof. We can direct them away from your valuables if we know where they are.
  • Please be ready with your payment method. We don’t ask for a single dime until the job is done, but we can’t leave your house until we’ve been compensated for our work. We have to keep charging you for every moment we sit and wait. Being prepared saves you money!

Click here to learn more about residential ice dam removal.

Commercial ice dam removal serviceCommercial Ice Dam Removal – We offer full-service ice dam removal for your commercial building. No matter the size or shape of the ice dams on your building, or the type of roof you have, we can remove them safely and easily. We’ve spent 20 years serving businesses throughout the area. (In fact, our very first customer was a business owner.)

Ice dams are a huge liability for business owners. Most commercial buildings have flat roofs. It is easy for ice and snow to slide down these roofs. All it takes is for one curious customer to break off an icicle. The snow and ice can come sliding down in a crushing avalanche that will leave your customer injured or worse. Nearby cars and other property is also at risk.

In addition, those flat roofs make a typical business far more prone to experiencing a roof collapse than a residential customer would be. Make sure you call trustworthy experts as soon as your roof accumulates snow. Don’t wait for a leak. By the time you have a leak, things get worse very quickly.  There’s significant snow and ice on your roof, which will be labor- and time-consuming and expensive to remove.  Meanwhile, you risk stopping or slowing the flow of your revenue, becausefew customers want to be in the same building as a freezing-cold water leak.

(Read more).


Ice dam prevention servicesIce Dam Prevention – What causes ice dams? Snow melting and refreezing. How can ice dams be prevented? By keeping the snow off your roof. We offer snow removal in the Twin Cities area and beyond.

Take advantage of our snow removal services (a must if you’re a snowbird).

You can also get a wealth of free information at our Learning Center.  There, we share everything we know about ice dams and ice dam prevention. You’ll even learn more about special cases like glass roofs, cathedral ceilings, skylights, solar panels, and more.

In a typical winter, when we don’t need to help homeowners across the country, the Ice Dam Guys® serve all of greater Minneapolis / St. Paul, most of central Minnesota, Duluth, and parts of western Wisconsin.

But we didn’t become the top-rated ice dam company in America by sticking close to home.  We also serve Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, DC-MD-VA, Colorado, Washington State, and South Dakota, and MANY other parts of the country.

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