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St. Paul’s Top-Reviewed Ice Dam Removal Company: Ice Dam Guys®

St. Paul is home to many of our best customers, and has been over 20 years. We love dealing with homeowners (and business owners) in St. Paul, partly because you understand why expertise is the crucial factor in hiring an ice dam removal company.  Our professionalism and attention to detail made us the best-rated Twin Cities ice dam removal company, according to customers’ reviews.  Many homes in St. Paul require extra care: in St. Paul we see slate roofs and plenty of historic Victorian and Edwardian homes that require a lot of knowledge and a little extra time and effort.

You may have caught some of our coverage on KMSP news. We’ve been Fox 9’s go-to ice dam experts on several occasions:

St. Paul Has Its Say 

Residents of St. Paul and its suburbs have told us how much they appreciate our fast response times – especially in emergency situations.  We did it for Tom in Rosemount:

“I called the Ice Dam Guys® when I got home from work on a Friday evening as I came home to a garage roof leaking water. They answered all my questions and were able to get out to my home THAT EVENING! They were at my house in about 2 hours! Mark (The Ice Dam Guy!) worked on my roof and could not have been nicer and more professional. He offered great tips and advice to help me avoid ice damming again and even blasted my the thick ice off of my side walk before he left. The Ice Dam Guys®, and Mark in particular, are the VERY BEST. I am glad they were there when I needed them!”

Hardworking homeowners in St. Paul love our dedication to getting the job done no matter what, no matter how long it takes. Here’s Saint Paulite Ken Reiners talking about Chad, one of our Ice Dam Guys® techs.

“Chad was very helpful in removing our ice dams last Saturday in St. Paul. He stayed until well after dark to get job done and he came the same day I called.”

We’re your neighbors – but also your go-to guys

Some of our Ice Dam Guys® techs are near you, and others are very near you.  Our techs who live in St. Paul love getting to know their neighbors. We hope to get to know you, too. Now, ice dam removal may not be the most pleasant occasion to “get to know each other” but with our safe steam-only ice dam removal and 20 years of experience in St. Paul, at least we can do it for you safely and when you need it.

Though we help homeowners across America in some years, we’re ready to help St. Paul every year.  We’re always here.

Don’t wait until water pours into your home.  Call Ice Dam Guys® today.

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