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Ice Dam Damage Repair

You made it through another brutal winter, and you battled ice dams as best you could. But it’s not over yet.

Maybe you had ice dams and tried to “wait it out,” so as not to pay for ice dam removal.

Or maybe you did foot the bill for ice dam removal, but you were simply just too late.

Perhaps your roof held up fine in previous winters and didn’t leak – until this year.

Whatever happened, you wish it didn’t happen.  You’re in at least one of three uncomfortable and unsafe situations:

  1. The interior of your home has been damaged by water.
  2. The insulation in your attic and wall-cavities are soaked.
  3. Your ceiling and walls are water-stained and ugly as sin.  Your carpet may feel like a swamp.

It’s bad enough that this can be a structural hazard.

To add insult to injury, water damage is a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  What you thought were “just your allergies” all these years may have been festering mold.

Interior water damage from ice dams

Financial and physical torment can come from a little water in the wrong places.

Don’t count on your insurance company to help.  When you have a problem, your insurance company loses money.  If your problem is water damage, they’ll probably pay to fix it.  But the last thing they want to do is pay to rip down your sheetrock, so that they can then pay to remedy soaked insulation that nobody (except happy little spores) can see.

We can help.

Have your home professionally dried by Ice Dam Guys®’ structural-drying team.  We use state-of-the-art dehumidifiers and air-movers to make your home dry and comfortable again.

We’ll send a team to inspect your home and offer a proposal of what it will take to dry your living space and to fix any ugly interior damage.  This work is almost always covered by your insurance company.  (So should you wish to file a claim, in most cases you’ll only be responsible for your deductible.)

If we can’t repair the damage ourselves, we’ll send out a specialist we trust to get your home fixed up right away.

We’ll also explain how we, Ice Dam Guys®, can save you headaches (and dollars) if and when those pesky ice dams return.

You’ll rest easy knowing the damage will be fixed, and knowing how to avoid the misery in winters to come.

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