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Can Ice Dams Cause Mold?

Yes, ice dams can cause mold if water leaks into your home, especially if you don’t know about the moisture or don’t do anything about it.

What’s the relationship between ice dams and mold? Moisture. An ice dam that’s removed right away or that doesn’t cause roof leaks won’t cause mold.  But if and when even a small amount of moisture gets through your roof deck and into your attic or living space (or both), mold can grow in a variety of places.  Mold is most likely to grow in wall cavities or within your insulation, but it also can grow on ceilings, walls, floors (especially within the padding beneath your floors), and other surfaces.  Virtually anything that becomes wet can grow mold, both seen and unseen areas, surfaces, etc.

Unseen mold can cause respiratory problems.  Visible mold is ugly, of course.

The same moisture that caused the mold in the first place can lead to other forms of rot and degradation, ultimately ending with expensive remediation or repairs, or both.

Mold is one of several reasons we consider an ice dam an “emergency” when it has caused any water to leak into your home.  The best way to remedy mold caused by ice dams is to prevent ice dams; the second-best way is to get ice dams removed right away if you get them.

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