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MA Roof Ice Dam Removal Company – Same-Day Ice Dam Removal in Boston & Beyond

Call Ice Dam Guys® at 508-251-8191 for same-day ice dam removal in Greater Boston & throughout MA. We use only steam and are properly licensed, bonded, & insured. You can end the roof leaks with a phone call.

We’ve been to Massachusetts 3 times so far: in 2018, 2017, and in the record winter of 2015. We’ve removed hundreds of ice dams throughout Mass, most often in greater Boston. We’ve helped homeowners in places that include Arlington, Ashland, Attleboro, Billerica, Brookline, Cambridge, Dover, Easton, Framingham, Medfield, Millbury, Milton, Natick, Needham, Newbury, Newton, Norwood, Quincy, Sharon, Somerville, Stoneham, Walpole, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Winchester, Woburn, many other communities near Boston and throughout the Bay State, and most neighborhoods in Boston proper.  We even wade further out into communities like Fitchburg and Worcester. You can read some of our MA customers’ reviews below and online.

The problem: roof leaks caused by roof ice

you’ve got thousands of pounds of ice and snow on your roof. Water is leaking through your ceiling and into your home. You’re worried about costly repairs.

Someone needs to remove that ice dam on your roof. But you can’t find a credible company in Massachusetts that specializes in ice dam removal – and that only uses safe and effective steam to remove ice dams.

The solution: safe ice dam removal from Ice Dam Guys® America’s top-reviewed ice dam removal company

Our company is based in Minnesota, but we’ve driven all the way to Pats land because of all the MA homeowners who’ve called us for ice dam removal help. Our finest ice dam removers are in MA, and are a phone call away. We first helped Massachusetts homeowners in the record-breaking winter of 2014-2015, and can help you, too. We’re the ice dam company Mass homeowners trust. Boston news channels sure know about us, too.

We use only safe & effective steam to remove ice dams. We’ve removed thousands since 1995. We’re specialists, too. All we do in the winter is steam ice dams off of roofs.

We’re the top-rated ice dam removal company in America.  We’re rated A+ by the BBB. We won the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Some of our happy customers (including many from MA) have spoken up on Google and Yelp. Do a quick Google search for “Ice Dam Guys®” and you’ll see not only are we the top-reviewed ice dam removal company in America, but also the most experienced in Massachusetts.

“I have used Ice Dam Guys in both Minneapolis and also in the Boston area. Once you have leaking from an Ice Dam into your house, you need to get the issue addressed quickly. Ice Dam Guys are incredibly responsive, will answer or return your call within hours and get someone there the same or next day. Eli worked on our house for a number of hours this winter, kept us informed of his progress throughout, and the issue was taken care of. If you need to deal with this issue, I highly recommend this company.” – Laura Eisen (read review on Google Maps)

Call 508-251-8191

Even more reviews from some of our Mass ice dam removal customers

“We had huge ice dams and a friend recommended the Ice Dam Guys®. Unlike everyone else I had called, they responded promptly and arrived when they said they would. They were polite, personable and helpful on the phone and on the job. Everything was explained upfront and they removed a large portion of ice from the major problem area on our roof with their steaming equipment. They did an excellent job. I highly recommend this service. Expensive but worth it.” – Leonie Shapiro, Sharon MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Here in Boston, roof raking was not enough and we had huge ice dams on 3 sides of the house. Major leaking. Put an emergency call in and it was returned promptly. That same day technicians Josh Lindblom and Marvin arrived to address the ice dams. They were knowledgeable and courteous. Very satisfied with the work performed. Highly recommend this company.” – Susan H, Boston MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I can’t say enough about how amazing these guys were! Jay was our point guy to start and Josh was our technician that came to the rescue, both guys were extraordinary. Josh was determined from the start and worked tiredlessly with a positive attitude curing our issue with perfect precision. From the prompt response time, to impeccable customer service, to world class follow-up, to an exceptional job well done! If you are experiencing an issue with Ice Dams, except no substitute! The Ice Dam Guys® are the one and only solution for the job!” – Dan G, Blackstone MA (read review on Yelp)

“We had record breaking storm this past year and had a lot of ice dam issue despite having Next Step Living coming out the summer before doing energy audit under the MassSave program (that’s a long story. Just don’t use Next Step Living to insulate your attic no matter what you do!). Anyhow, I called this company and they were able to get someone out the next day to help us resolve the issue. It took the person 11 hrs to complete the job. Very professional and really couldn’t ask for more. It was expensive but better than having water damage inside of the house. We would highly recommend this company. I hope to have the attic insulation improved this summer and never have ice dam issue ever again!” – PL Reed, Concord MA (read review on Yelp)

“Ice dams suck. I’ve lived in Boston 43 years and never had one before. After the worst winter in Boston history, I finally had an ice dam. I’ve got a super-steep roof. These guys came when they said would and worked real hard removing the dam. Real good experience working with these guys – I hope I never need an ice dam removal company again, but If I do, I’ll call The Ice Dam Guys®.” – Colin H, Boston MA (read review on Thumbtack)

“I live in Massachusetts and we had a record breaking snowfall this year. We had a major ice dam problem that caused leaking into the house. I made a call and was able to get a team to my house the next day. I was amazed because of the amount of homes with damage in the Boston area. The team came out and explained what they were going to do and quickly went to work. They did an excellent job! I can only imagine how bad our damage could have been if not for the quick response from The Ice Dam Guys®.” – Brian Allen, Peabody MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I live in New England where we have pretty bad winters, but this past winter was the worst ever, not just for snow but for ice. We had so much snow and ice on our roof and gutters and had started to have leaks inside down the walls. I called the Ice Dam Guys® and they were able to come the very next day. Sean spent the entire day on our roof, first shoveling the 3 foot of snow off then melting the ice dams that were causing the leaks. It was barely above zero the day he was there. Once all the snow and most of the ice was removed, the leaks stopped. The snow and ice are finally gone but I am very grateful to The Ice Dam Guys® who came on that frigid day in February to clear our roof. He was very professional and the supervisor Jay Falk, who set up the appointment was great. They stayed in touch with me by cell phone so I knew how the job was progressing. Sean cleaned everything up when he was done and I was very pleased with his work. While the cost wasn’t cheap, I felt it was worth every penny I paid to know that our roof wasn’t going to collapse like so many others in our area had. All in all, I would hire them again, although I am hoping for less severe winters.” – Sheila & John Bell, Plainville MA (read review on Google Maps)

“This past winter was the worst for us in Boston. The ice dams could not be dealt with. My husband even tried himself three times to get up on the roof to chisel it away. But, it would only help for a day or two. Once it started melting, we were back to square one with the ice build up. We were now having a lot of damage inside our house. I found Ice Dam Removal Guys® on the internet, and read some of the great reviews. I contacted Jay by email. He responded that same day with a quote and someone ready to come within 2 days. Ben was fantastic!! Knowing I was paying a lot to have his services, he worked on the spots where it was leaking in the house first. After the minimum hours, and after each hour, he knocked on my door to give me an update and asked whether I wanted him to continue or not. He worked with me the whole time. When I pay that much money, I expect top notch customer service. Ben gave that to me. I even got some money back on my insurance because it was preventative maintenance – to prevent further damage.” – Raoul & Donna Binette, Westwood MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I would highly recommend them. I called and set up an appointment and they were out the next day as planned.” – Kris Boyle, Westford MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Jay Falk was concerned with the amount of ice and he viewed the damage already caused by the ice and thus he concentrated on this area, as I suggested. At mid-point of the removal, he stated that other areas were going to be channeled out, as to allow the flow down the roof rather than under. This worked out perfectly! Also to note, he was very personable and described to me the process prior to the job start.” – Warren & Mary Chamberland, Westford MA (read review on Google Maps)

“It was a rough winter in MA. Lots of snow and huge ice dams that caused many leaks inside my condo. I couldn’t find any local help so I searched the web and found Ice Dam Guys®. They were very responsive and were at my place in 2 days. Josh L. did a fantastic job removing all the ice. He was very personable and worked non stop. I was surprised to find out he and others came from MN because of the bad weather here. I’m thankful they did or my damage would have been a lot worse. Thank you Josh and thank you Ice Dam Guys®!” – Jeannine Cote, Methuen MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I called these guys one morning as I suspected our ice dams were going to cause problems, and they sent tech Ben Stone to our house that afternoon to investigate. We looked over our house for about 20 minutes and I ultimately decided not to have him do the work since the price seemed high and I hadn’t seen any real evidence that the ice dams were already a major issue. No sooner had he driven away than I found evidence of water and decided that I did, in fact, want their services. The next day, Ben came back, and he already understood the specifics of our house and roof and hit the ground running. Within the minimum charge, he was able to address the most important points and the problem was completely solved without any damage to the roof. It was expensive, but they acted quickly, were as careful with our roof as I requested, and were efficient with the time spent. It was well worth the cost.” – Sterling Crockett, Belmont MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Tried to call several local companies and could not get any one to even get back to me. I found a web site for this business online. I liked their home page and watched the videos. It took a couple of days before they got back to me. Once they did they came right out. My technician was Brian Palmer. He was polite, very professional and knowledgeable. He was helpful and thorough. The work done was for my mother and he did such a good job, I am having him back to do my house tomorrow. I highly recommend the company as well as my technician Brian.” – Linda Demello, Raynham MA (read review on Google Maps)

“We had huge ice dams on our roof toward the end of this winter. Thankfully we had no leaks, but there was one week in particular where a nearly full day of freezing rain was expected. We decided it was better to have the ice dams removed in advance and not to risk that this would be the day we’d see water leaking inside our house. We called Ice Dam Removal Guys® and were able to schedule a next-day appointment, which was a relief. Josh L. arrived on-time for the appointment and was friendly and patient. More importantly, he did a truly excellent job of keeping us updated throughout the project. (We were trying to stick to a specific budget, and Josh took care to respect that.) We couldn’t be happier with the work that was done or the service we received!” – James Folcrum, Walpole MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Excellent experience. The Boston area was hit very hard with 100+ inches of snow in a 5-week period. Our home had ice dams and was beginning to have leaks inside in 3 rooms. I found the Ice Dam Guys® working on a neighbor’s house and asked one of the workers to come take a look at our house, which he did immediately. A day later I had scheduled the job and a day after that it was 100% completed. While roof steaming isn’t cheap, it doesn’t damage the roof and it minimized the interior damage. Surprisingly,my insurance company covered some of the cost of the ice dam removal. The Ice Dam Guys® were a pleasure to work with; extremely responsive.” – James Goldstein, Needham MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Like so many other residents in Massachusetts this winter, we had ice dams at our home. We purchased salt pucks and bags of Calcium Chloride, and spent many hours trying to throw this stuff onto a roof without results. Out of futile frustration and a watching growing glacier forming on the house I called The Ice Dam Guys®. I was anticipating a long before they could come to my home, but surprisingly they were able to come the same day. A polite, young man showed up and took to my roof like he was Spider Man. Pretty amazing actually, the roof was ice encapsulated and still had nearly 2.5 feet of snow behind it. The wind was howling, and he meticulously and carefully removed the ice dams. My roof was recently replaced and ensuring there would not be damaged in the process of removing the ice was important to us. He did a great job of getting rid of the ice and being gentle to the roof in the process.” – Jordan Jacobs, Randolph MA (read review on Google Maps)

“WOW is all I can think of to say about this fabulous business! They truly saved the day !! We had ice and leaks everywhere and no way to make it stop until I found the ice dam guys. Cant thank them enough especially my technician Jay Falk who worked tirelessly until the job was done even cleaned up after themselves!” – June & Joseph Knochin, Canton MA (read review on Google Maps)

“We had water stains on the ceiling above me when I woke up and I went online to find someone who takes care of Ice dams. There were few available. I called and left a message.The Ice Dam Removals guy got back to us that afternoon (Sat) and said they could be here the next morning and that the technician would call us when he was close to arriving at our home.He did exactly that and was on time as scheduled on Sunday morning. He was polite, friendly in mood, but also focused and ready to get to work.He told us he would work until he was done or we told him to stop. His estimate of how long it would take was right on. He went to work and kept working for eight hours. I must state that we hadn’t had any snow or ice removed prior to him and this was the worst winter in MA history so there was alot of ice to come down -tombstone sized chunks along with the regular snow and ice.He worked consistently until the job was done.He cleaned up and explained his work and was confident we would have no more water in the house, He was right.-I’m sure if he hadn’t come the damage would have been significant. I have to say it was a 5 star experience.They got back to me the same day when I called, came when they said they would, worked hard and thoroughly. He was a professional, friendly and a steady no nonsense worker. I though it would take a crew of guys to clear this roof. There was one. His name was Anthony M from Minnesota and my wife and I recommend him highly.” – Michael & Carolyn Laferney, Lakeville MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I was experiencing a significant water leak around my vent stack because of the ice dams that formed along both the front and back roof of my raised ranch. I found Ice Dam Guys® on an internet search. Booking was easy. Jay Dore came out and worked very hard to take care of the problem thoroughly! Cleaned my gutters too!” Outstanding work!” – Steven Leroux, Rowley MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I love these guys!! I reached out to them while I was away on business to come take care of a huge ice dam problem that we had and I can’t say enough how pleasant my experience was with them! Jay was informative and great to deal with, he was able to get a crew out to my house less than 24 hrs from my initial call to his office. My wife was SO happy with Anthony and Justin who came and worked well into the evening to finish removing the ice dams from our roofline. They were extremely polite and courteous and did a fantastic job. I was getting frequent updates from Anthony on the progress and was up front with the costs and pretty good at the overall time estimate for the job. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! The removal process is not the cheapest, but is the safest way to prevent damaging your shingles and roof!! Thank you Jay, Anthony and Justin, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire you guys again!” – Massimo & Molly Mastantuono, Natick MA (read review on Google Maps)

“These guys were great – very helpful and very quick to come to the house. They are based out of MN, but helped out in MA with the bad winter we had. They have a minimum charge, but that is not difficult to get to if you have large ice dams. I gave 4 stars since the price is higher than some other companies. We actually had our technician at the house over 2 days/12 hours, so that adds up! However, they did a great job & were thorough. We worked with Jay over the phone & Pakus worked on our house. Both men were very informative & professional. I would not hesitate to recommend this company!” – Lori Maver, Hudson MA (read review on Google Maps)

“A quick shout out to the Ice Dam Guys®!!! I had serious ice dam issues as a result of the back-to-back-to-back snow storms in the Boston area. I thought I could handle the issue myself but soon realized the amount of damage that was occurring to my home – major water issues in two rooms. I needed to solve the problem immediately so I called the Ice Dam Guys®. They came the same day a 4pm and worked through the evening to remove all the ice and snow from my roof. Great, fast same-day service that I don’t expect from the local companies in the northeast.” – Paul & Julie Migliore, Marblehead MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I decided to roll the dice and not have the ice dams removed from my home. Mistake. Once the leaks began I decided to call the Ice Dam Guys®. An “Ice Dam Guy” was on my roof 8 hours after my initial call and worked into the night. Highly recommended!” – Nicholas Milot, Raynham MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Here I am in Plymouth MA near the end of a winter that saw 12′ of snowfall without any melt in between. Major ice dams on my newly constructed house and leaks inside. Was very skeptical calling a MN based company but was told they were here in our area working to help us out. Delightful phone call returned by scheduler. Jeff B came out to look and scheduled for the very next day. He solved the problem of a very long driveway and returned the very next day to remove the frozen Niagra Falls that had formed on my roof. He got the job down in just under 3 hours as predicted. A great job.” – Susan Neul, Plymouth MA (read review on Google Maps)

“As a result of the harsh New England winter this year, our home, which we had only been living in for a matter of weeks, became the victim of the worst ice dams I have ever experienced. They were causing leaks inside the home, and were getting worse each day. I called the Ice Dam Removal Guys® late one night in a panic, along with about 5 other companies. They were the ONLY ones to call me back, and were actually able to schedule me an appointment for the very next day! Jay came to our house on time, and got to work promptly. He worked for hours even through the beginning of yet another snow storm until the job was done. I would definitely recommend this company, and use them again. They safely and effectively removed all the ice on the house and prevented further damage from occurring inside.” – Katie Restuccia, Hudson MA (read review on Google Maps)

“My Technician, Nate C. was knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. He waded through hip high snow drifts to hook up his equipment, and spent hours on top of my roof in bitter cold weather. He used steam and shoveled and stayed late to make sure the job was complete. Nothing was too much trouble. The leaking into the house stopped. I am pleased.” – Deborah Rothman, Newton MA (read review on Google)

“The Ice Dam guys were quick to respond to removing an ice dam that was causing damage inside our walls and wrecking our new floors. The Boston winter saw a record amount of snow-fall this year. Despite the difficult conditions, the Ice Dam guys came out quickly as scheduled. We did not have to track them down and the work was high quality. They are not cheap, but they are worth the money, especially if that means avoiding higher expenses down the line for fixing damage caused by ice dams that are not removed. I highly recommend them.” – Dan & Melanie Rudoy, Needham MA (read review on Google Maps)

“After researching online how to remove my ice dams during the New England winter, I knew I did not want someone on my roof with a hammer! Although their ice dam removal method is not the cheapest it made the most sense to me. I knew I would not have dents and potential holes in my roof tiles which I might not discover until months later after expensive damage had occurred. Jay was great, upfront with the cost and checked in with me as the hours passed. I would highly recommend this company.” – Liz Sandeman, Medfield MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I came home early and found brown liquid dripping out of the window sill and ceiling. After trying a few hours of roof raking, I found the “Guys”on the web site. They scheduled a time the next AM and they appeared. Now the outside temp was 10 degrees. They shoveled and steamed all day and into the night and got the ice dam off the front of the house. The leak stopped. They came the next day and did the back of the house ice dam. Roof looks fine how. The Steamer is definitely gentle on the roof. The guys were great – kept us informed as things progressed so we understood the costs.The guys were quite polite and had beautiful southern accents which made me wonder how they would do in the arctic temps but they labored on. this was expensive but i think we avoided much internal damage. Highly recommended.” – Jim Schumacher, Florence MA (read review on Google Maps)

“We live in Massachusetts, where we had a terrible winter with lots of ice dam issues. We were very pleased with the service, but noticed one problem when the deck snow finally melted this spring. There was a mark on the Azek decking where the hot hose had been lying. We feel the heat from the hose probably melted some of the finish on the decking so be cautious when using the hose on a Azek deck. The young man who came was on time, very polite and professional. We would recommend the service.” – Jim & Rene Seaton, Bedford MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I had previously utilized a local service that had come and hacked away at my roof and gutters using axes and picks and did not even get on the roof. It was a disaster! I called The ice dam guys and right from the start they were very professional and explained every step and every cost. When the technician tuned up he was friendly and did a fantastic job. He spent 3 hours on the roof and it was obvious that we were not going to have any more problems. Great job. I hope we won’t need your services again but if we do, I won’t hesitate to use you.” – Mark Shane, Newton MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Water was dripping into our sun room destroying the ceiling and walls here in Boston this winter due to ice dams .. It took two emails to the Ice Dam Guys® to get a call back due to the hundreds of people who were trying to contact them.. After the second email, I was contacted and they were at my house within a day. Removal of the ice dams was professional and done with the added care that needed to be taken with the eight skylights we have in that room. After removal, we had no further damage. I would not hesitate to recommend or contact The Ice Dam Guys® (it’s worth being persistent).” – Linda & James Sigel, Newton Center MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Came to Boston in 2015 when we got one huge storm after the other. Our house was encased in ice and we were worried the roof will leak. Friends had already reported damage in their houses. The Ice Dam guys came within hours of our phone call. They worked in shifts for 10 (!!) hours to get all the snow and ice off the roof. We had no damage to the house or the roof. Very professional, very careful with our house and property. We are happy customers. If we have another winter like this (hopefully not) I am calling them right away!” – Anat & Joel Stemmer, Sharon MA (read review on Google Maps)

“These guys were outstanding. They came in from Minnesota to Massachusetts and helped me and my family out immensely. We went from water pouring in our bathroom windows to completely clear after about 4 hours of work. I don’t know what we would have done with this service over the winter. Many thanks to Jay and the team.” – Joe Sullivan, Westwood MA (read review on Google Maps)

“We live in the Northeast and had an exceptional rough winter. My husband usually rakes the roof but that was not enough for this harsh season. We had nasty ice dams and were getting water leaks in almost every room of the house. Our insurance company recommended The Ice Dam Guys® to us. We were pleased with their process; they got every bit of snow off the roof. The gentlemen we dealt with were nice, polite and hardworking.” – Sharon & Jeffrey Tully, Littleton MA (read review on Google Maps)

“I was very happy with my technician’s expertise and the service The Ice Dam Guys® provided. I was was also very satisfied since we avoided water damage due to this company’s responsiveness during the busiest time probably on the books for this type of service in my region! The tech treated my house like it was his own and worked with me to make sure the job was done to my satisfaction while minimizing the cost to me. Great company, great people and technology. Listen to their advice as well and avoid additional issues, etc.” – Rich & Christine Vigeant, Uxbridge MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Our house was hit with so much snow that we didn’t know what to do with it. After some snow melted, it left a 1-2 ft thick wall of ice on our entire back roof. We started to get leaks into our house and we were desperate for someone to help out. We called the Ice Dam Removal Guys® and left a message. They called back the next day and was so happy to help. Once our technician arrived, he got right to work. He assessed our roof and was dumbfounded. He had never seen such a mess, but that didn’t stop him. He worked very hard for 7 hours straight. It was hard to get the entire roof clean, but he made sure he got all the problem areas that were causing our leaks. He worked into dark just to make sure he found the pocket of water that was causing our leaks. Needless to say, our roof stopped leaking which gave us a sigh of relief. These guys were great! They ran on the pricey side and they do have to use your water for the steam, but really with the season of snow we had in the Northeast, it was worth having someone come out and give some hope to a miserable situation.” – Amanda Wang, Sharon MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Like most people in Massachusetts this winter, we had huge ice dams on our roof which were causing water to leak into the house. I heard that these guys had driven here from Minnesota to help us all out. I sent an email and got a response within a day, and a few days later the guys were out here removing the ice dams with hot steam. It was such a relief to have the problem taken care of so quickly and without concern about damaging the house further!” – Lauren Ziskind, Sharon MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Ice Dam Removal Guys® to the rescue. Started get signs of water leaking into my house due to large ice dams. E-mailed Jay he responded quickly the next day his friendly and professional team from Minnesota was on my roof removing 2 foot thick ice dams with no problem. Don’t take the risk of removing the dams yourself or hiring someone to go on your roof and chisel them off you will do more damage to your roof and gutters than you think. Well worth the money knowing the job was getting done right. Highly recommend.” – Joe Lanney, Roslindale MA (read review on Google Maps)

“During the 2015 winter, our house developed large ice dams on both sides of the house. Since the roof is high off of the ground, we had no way to reach the roof. So we called the Ice Dam Guys®. The ice dam guy Jay Falk came out right away and did a great job on our house. He worked very hard for many hours until it got dark. We were amazed at how much ice he was able to remove.” – Ted Sussman, Lexington MA (read review on Google Maps)

“The winter this year in Boston was worse than usual. I had 5 feet of snow on our roof. After having snow removed twice by other companies and the leaks continuing into the house, I was lucky enough to find that the Ice Dam Guys® came in from Minnesota and were in my area of MA. I contacted Jay Falk. He was extremely accommodating and arranged for Beau to come and steam the ice off the gutters and roof. Beau was on time and every hour came and told me how much had been done and asked if I wanted him to continue. He took off 200-400 pounds blocks of ice and 7 hours later the job was completed. All of the ice was off the roof and the leaks stopped. I would highly recommend The Ice Dam Guys® and would certainly use them again. They were wonderful. The only suggestion I have is to please open up a branch here in MA!” – Lynn Widrich, Newton MA (read review on Google Maps)

“This winter was the worst I can remember. We had about a foot of ice on the gutters on the back side of the house. The ceiling started to leak and I wasn’t sure what to do. I called the Ice Dam Guys® early that morning and left a message. My call was returned in just a few minutes and I was happy to find out that they would be able to come out that same day. The ice on the entire back side gutters was completely removed in 2 hours and all the leaking stopped. My technician Ryan did a great job. I recommended them to a friend at work and he called the next day. The cost of the service was even covered by my insurance. If you have an Ice dam these are the people to call.” – Clem Ziroli, Norton MA (read review on Google Maps)

“Anyone who watched the major evening news channels this past winter, will recall that we New Englanders were slammed w/ record setting cold temperatures, snow storms, and ice accumulations. Everything suffered…but homes suffered horrific damage as a result of ice dams.
Our house (a Colonial Style, two story, w/ a steep pitch to the roof) was no exception.

For weeks we had carried more than 3 feet of snow on the roof and 24” thick chunks of ice had built up and accumulated at the edge of the roof and blocked the gutters. If there was any melting during the day …the water had no where to go. This led to water backing up under the shingles and water barrier on the roof. Naturally, this leeched into the house leaving brown staining and water damage on the ceilings and walls. A terrible mess! I needed to stave off further damage.

I had seen signs for the “Ice Dam Guys®” and called them. They are a company from MN but had set-up service in and around Boston and other parts of Massachusetts. They responded immediately to my call and scheduled me for service in less than 48 hours. The team arrived on-time, started the steam boiler, set up equipment, assessed the situation, came up with a plan of attack, and began working safely and efficiently. (They took no breaks!) The men were properly dressed in cold weather gear (Gortex) , wore goggles, and had excellent safety equipment in place ( mountain climbing harnesses and lines). So impressive….safety first! They were systematic in their approach and managed time so efficiently that they finished the job in 5.5 hours…much sooner than I had anticipated.

As promised, they cleaned-up and cleared the pathways of big ice chunks and snow piles before they left. The roof ( just three years old) and gutters were not damaged. And, thanks to the steam, the gutters are nice and clean. I was impressed.

I hope we never have another winter like the winter of 2014-2015. It’s New England so you never know. Should “Mother Nature” punish again… be proactive and vigilant and definitely call the Ice Dam Guys®…Professional ice dam removal using steam is so far superior to ice picks, hammers, salts, rakes, etc. There is no comparison. Ice Dam Guys® deserve the 5 STAR rating.” – Heidi Kahlert, Walpole MA (read review on Houzz)


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