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Emergency Ice Dam Removal in Fitchburg, MA

If you have an ice dam emergency in Middlesex or Worcester Counties, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for same-day or next-day scheduling! We’re the top-rated ice dam removal company in the United States and have removed thousands of ice dams since 1995! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Just 10 miles from New Hampshire and 50 miles from Boston, Fitchburg is home to hilly forests and the Nashua River. One of our favorite destinations is enjoying Flat Rock Wildlife Sanctuary in the fall with the changing trees. While spring through fall can be quite nice and friendly for an outdoor enthusiast, winter can be downright uncomfortable! With an average of 5 to 7 feet of snow, you’re well over the national average and it gets cold too. Unfortunately, some of these storms also bring ice dams like the one you see below from a customer’s home:

Ice dam that the Ice Dam Guys® found on a customer's home.

Not every storm will produce an ice dam, and having traditional icicles isn’t a sign of one, but if your home resembles what you see above, you’ve definitely got an ice dam! Unlike your normal winter characteristics, this ice dam has huge banks of long icicles and also has a slab of ice covering the lower portion of the roof. If you see one or both of those elements occurring, it’s a good indicator that you’ve entered ice dam territory. While it might look unassuming, it’s always good to get an ice dam off your roof as soon as possible. That’s because ice dams can easily weigh over 1,000 pounds and when that ice begins to thaw, the snowmelt will have to go somewhere. That somewhere is usually in your home via interior water leaks and ceiling collapses like a customer’s home below:

Ceiling collapse and damages from an ice dam that leaked through a customer's ceiling. Found by the Ice Dam Guys®.

While not every property we visit has ceiling collapses or expensive water leaks, they happened frequently enough that a homeowner should not assume they’re immune from them. More frustrating is how expensive water leaks can be to repair, as they often travel through insulation, various layers of sheetrock, and wood, not to mention aesthetics. All these materials and areas of your home will have to be repaired and monitored for moisture and mold.

Ice dams form when there is a period of unique temperature fluctuations. This fluctuation occurs when we receive a break in a storm that allows the sun to warm the roof from above or if your home is experiencing internal heat loss, which warms the roof from below. With regard to the warm weather scenario, this is out of our control, whereas the internal heat loss via attic bypasses can usually be corrected during the following spring or summer after performing a home energy audit. However, both cause the majority of your roof’s surface to warm and begin the thawing process. Snowmelt will trickle down to your gutters where it would normally vacate the roof from the downspout, but today, the gutter and downspouts are frozen. This happens because they could be north-facing without any sunlight, they could be in shady areas of your home’s exterior, or they just remain frozen for longer. Unlike the majority of your home, the overhangs and gutters are not insulated, which means they stay frozen longer.

When the evening’s freezing temperatures return, the snowmelt that got trapped in the gutters will refreeze and form the large icicles and ice dam you see above. Rinse and repeat this over several days or weeks and you can see how something that was small and manageable can become a monster we all loathe to see. The good news is that we have a 100% safe and effective method of removing ice dams in no time at all!

100% Safe Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Middlesex and Worcester Counties, MA

The Ice Dam Guys® have been removing ice dams across 37 states since 1995! Over those years we’ve literally gone atop thousands of homes and businesses and our track record is flawless. This is because we innovated the way ice dams are removed by using the steam-only application. In fact, we are so passionate about only using steam to remove ice dams that we invented our own machine, an industry first, by the name of Steamzilla™!

The reason steam is such a good method for removing ice dams is that it’s just so darn delicate and gentle on your roof. Unlike a local roofer who may want to bang on your gutters with an ice pick, a shovel, or dump pounds of salt on your roof, we eliminate the ice without being abrasive, abusive, or corrosive towards your home. Ice picks and shovels will regularly pry back and damage shingles, whereas salt melt leaves behind a corrosive byproduct that can damage your siding and make your concrete brittle. Conversely, Steamzilla™ and our techs simply walk the perimeter of your roof and effortlessly reduce the ice dam into vapor. We know this can sound too good and simple to be true, but it just took some innovation and effort to make it happen. Here’s one of our techs performing ice dam removal using steam to give you a better idea of this process.

Steam-only Ice Dam Removal in Teller and El Paso Counties with the Ice Dam Guys®

Cool, right?! Steam-only ice dam removal has never failed us and has removed ice dams 100% of the time. Considering you called us because you were worried about your home (aka your largest asset) let us gently remove the problem so it remains undamaged and ice-free!

Northern Massachusetts’ Ice Dam Removal Experts

New Englanders have trusted the Ice Dam Guys® so much that this is our 2nd most popular state to remove ice dams. In addition to your testimonials and reviews throughout your community, we’re also licensed and properly insured and bonded to perform ice dam removal on your home. This keeps us busy so you’ll commonly see us and Steamzilla™ in the following communities:

Ashburnham, Ashby, Ayer, Boylston, Devens, Gardner, Groton, Harvard, Hudson, Lancaster, Leominster, Littleton, Lunenburg, Pepperell, Princeton, Sterling, Templeton, Townsend, Westford, and Westminster.

To learn more about us and see what past customers have to say, Google us by searching “Ice Dam Guys reviews”. We know it’ll take you some time to go through all those accolades, but when you do, we’re confident we’ll be the #1 choice for you and your home!

We look forward to helping you!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Fitchburg-area home.

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