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Ice Dam Removal Videos (also on YouTube)

One upshot of being in high demand is we get many opportunities to share know-how and have our mugs featured on TV.  Though occasionally Ice Dam Guys® shoots ice dam removal videos of our own, most of our videos are taken by news stations, capturing us in action. Over the years, The Weather Channel also has rolled plenty of footage during interviews of us (see links below).

In additiona to our TV appearances, we also take on-the-job videos from time to time.

You can always check out (and maybe subscribe to) Ice Dam Guys®’ YouTube channel, which is all about ice dam removal. But with as many videos as we’ve got there – and all the videos we add every year – it can be hard to know where to start.  A complete list is at the bottom of this page, but here are just a few videos on ice dam removal:

Video: Quick time-lapse of ice dam removal with steam

This video gives you the quickest summary of the process of ice dam removal process, and what it looks like.

Video: How to steam an ice dam: process explained

Watch this video if you’d like more color commentary on how ice dam removal works and on proper ice dam steaming technique.

Video: How to prevent ice dams

An inside look at a home with water damage, and some ice dam prevention tips from Ice Dam Guys® president Joe Palumbo.

Video: Removing ice dams here in Minnesota

As you might guess, our native Minnesota is the place where we’ve removed the most ice dams, as the best-rated Twin Cities ice dam removal company (also the best-rated in the US). Here’s a look at what to expect if you need ice dam removal at a time when all your neighbors also do – as was the case in the record-setting, crazy February of 2019.

Video: Removing ice dams near you

Ice Dam Guys® has removed ice dams from coast to coast, and is well-loved by homeowners across America. Here is a look at what to expect if we’ve sent an Ice Dam Guys® crew to your area.

If you need safe, steam-only ice dam removal done by specialists with the right equipment and years of experience, call Ice Dam Guys® now.


Looking for a different video? Browse this list of all of our videos

2024 videos:
Aerial View of Ice Dam Removal Job in Utah
WILX-TV in Lansing Interviews Ice Dam Guys® on What Michiganders Should Know about Ice Dams
Roof Snow Removal Before Ice Dam Removal
Steaming Ice Rams on a Ladder
Chunk-Cutting: the Best Ice Dam Removal Technique to Get Rid of Ice Dams Fast & Efficiently
Quick Time-Lapse of Roof Snow Removal & Ice Dam Removal
What a Professional Ice Dam Removal Company Looks Like from the Customer’s Standpoint
Ice Dam Removed, Start to Finish
Ice Dam Guys Chats with MyNBC5-WPTZ about Incoming Storms in Vermont – January 11, 2024

2023 videos:
How Ice Dams Are Removed from Roofs – Video on Insider.com – April 1, 2023
Ice Dam Guys Discuss the Ice Dam Removal Process on the Weather Channel – January 21, 2023
Ice Dam Guys®’ Joe Palumbo Discusses Ice Dam Removal with the Weather Channel – January 20, 2023
What to Do About Ice Dams | KMSP FOX 9 – January 19, 2023

2022 videos:
BBC Interview of Ice Dam Guys®’ Joe Palumbo about 2022 Buffalo NY Snow Emergency – December 27, 2022
Clearing Frozen Underground Pipe with Steam – Ice Dam Guys® Thawing Electrical Conduit in St. Paul
Thawing Ice Dams Causing Rook Leaks in Cleveland Area in February 2022
Thawing Frozen Pipes, Vent Pipes, & More in Minnesota
Ice Dams Bad for Business in NE Ohio in 2022
Ice Dam Formation Animation & More – Ice Dam Guys®’ Joe Palumbo on The Weather Channel, 2022
Ice Dams & Indoor Water Damage in Chicago in 2022 – Ice Dam Guys® with NBC 5 Chicago

2021 videos:
Record Snow from Houston to Chicago in February 2021 – The Weather Channel
Roof Collapses in Chicago Area in February of 2021 – Ice Dam Guys® on WMAQ
Warmer Weather Approaching in Wisconsin – But Ice Dam Removal Is Still in High Demand – TMJ4
Risk of Ice Dams in Treasure Valley after Heavy Snow – KTVB Talks with Joe Palumbo of Ice Dam Guys

2020 videos:
What is an Ice Dam? ReMax Results with Joe Palumbo from Ice Dam Guys
Ice Dam Removal in Denver CO in 2020

2019 videos:
Ice dams, roof snow, and rain: a dangerous combination – Ice Dam Guys on KARE-11
Ice Dam Removal Companies in Record Demand in MN – Ice Dam Guys talk with WCCO-TV
Tips on Roof Snow Removal Minnesota-Style – Ice Dam Guys on Weather Underground
Removing & Preventing Ice Dams in White Bear Lake MN in Feb. 2019 – Ice Dam Guys Chat with KARE-11
Twin Cities Ice Dam Removal – Ice Dam Guys on WCCO-TV
Preventing Ice Dams – The Weather Channel Interviews Ice Dam Guys
How Dangerous Are Ice Dams? The Weather Channel Interviews Ice Dam Guys
Removing Ice Dams in Plymouth, MN, Winter 2019 – Ice Dam Guys
Steaming Ice Dams in Minneapolis, Winter 2019 – WCCO Speaks with Ice Dam Guys
Melting Ice Dams Still a Problem – Ice Dam Guys on Fox32 Chicago 2019
Ice Dam Removal Near Milwaukee, Winter 2019

2018 videos:
Ice dams are making a comeback in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota
Winter Thaw Causing Ice Dams in the Twin Cities Area
Ice Dam Guys® Removing Ice Dams in Chicago in 2018
Ice Dam Guys in Chicago in 2018- Talking with The Weather Channel
Slow Winter for Ice Dam Businesses? Ice Dam Guys’ Joe Palumbo on Weather Channel
Safe Ice Dam Removal in Cleveland OH: Ice Dam Guys® Interviewed by WOIO

2017 videos:
Ice Dam Removal in Boise, Idaho in January, 2017 – Ice Dam Guys® Interviewed by KTVB
Safe Steam Ice Dam Removal in 60 Seconds – How to Remove an Ice Dam
Ice Dam Prevention Tips on The Weather Channel According to Ice Dam Guys® Founder Joe Palumbo
KTVB Chats with Ice Dam Guys in Boise, Idaho
Ice Dam Guys® interviewed by the Idaho Statesman

2016 videos:
ReMax Better Living TV – Ice Dam Removal with the Ice Dam Guys
Safe Ice Dam Removal in Washington DC in 2016 after Winter Storm Jonas (The Weather Channel)
Managing Ice Dams – The Weather Channel – Ice Dam Guys®

2015 videos:
Tom Isaacs of Ice Dam Guys® Discusses Removing Ice Dams in Boston
Ice Dam Guys® on The Weather Channel – Rooftop Snow and Ice Weight
Ice Dam Guys®’ 3 February 20, 2015 Interviews on The Weather Channel While in Boston
Mid-February 2015 Weather Channel Interviews While in Boston

2014 videos:
Roof Snow Hasn’t Melted? Expect Ice Dams
Southern MN Ice Dams
Early-Winter Ice Dams in MN
How Ice Dams Form
Heavy Demand for Ice Dam Removal in MN – Winter 2014
Severe Ice Dams in Minneapolis – Winter 2014

2013 videos:
Preventing Ice Dams in Minneapolis, MN – October 2013
Ice Dams in Early Spring? Only in Minnesota
Ice Dam Prevention Tips – Winter 2013
Late Winter Ice Dam Troubles for Twin Cities, MN
Big Ice Dams in Minnesota – Winter 2013 – KMSP-TV
Ice Dam Removal Guys Helping Twin Cities Homeowners on WCCO-TV
Ice Dam Removal in Minneapolis After Storm – WCCO-TV

2011 videos:
How Proper Ice Dam Removal Prevents Roof Leaks and Ceiling Mold
Safe Ice Dam Removal – Using Only Steam
Do Icicles Mean That You Have an Ice Dam?