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Clearing Frozen Underground Pipe with Steam – Ice Dam Guys® Thawing Electrical Conduit in St. Paul

Our steamer units – most often used for ice dam removal – double as steamer snakes, allowing us to clear pipes by hydrojetting. We attach a hose to the end of our steamer wand and can run steam or very hot water into the pipe. In this recent job, an electrical contractor needed to run underground cables through PVC conduit that had filled with water and frozen solid.

In this case, we cleared the pipes – 120 feet of 1″ an 1.25″ conduit – with very hot water, and vacuumed out the moisture, allowing the electricians to run the cable freely. Our customized steamers can unfreeze many systems, including pipes, spigots, vent pipes, roof ventilation, septic systems, roof drains, floor drains, storm drains, inner drains, storm sewers, sewer/waste lines, scuppers, gutters, downspouts, culverts, and even indoor water spills that froze.

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