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What Is an Ice Dam Removal Company Good for, Besides Ice Dams?

We’re ice dam removal specialists, but sometimes other things require deicing, too.  For instance:

In other words, we can clear just about any system that ice can grind to a halt.  Every winter we get dozens of calls for jobs other than our trademark ice dam removal, and we always enjoy using our steam to solve any problem you throw at it.

Furnace vent plugged with ice


During the colder months, problems with water flow and drainage are left and right, and not just on your roof.  For instance, often it’s a good idea to check your culverts in the spring, because if your culverts are frozen solid with ice, your property is likely to get flooded by the melting ice and snow in the springtime, and the Easter Bunny won’t come by your house.  Melting ice from culverts requires specialized equipment, which we’ve got. We use smaller hoses that are outfitted with sewer jets.  A sewer jet is a small mushroom attachment that is screwed onto the end of the hose.  It has a hole on the tip that sprays hot water steam forward, as well as several holes around the edges that (oddly enough) point back at the operator. The water pressure propels the jet right through the ice.  The forward-facing hole melts the channel through the frozen obstruction, and the rear-facing holes propel the tip through the ice.  Our steamers are unique, in that we can dial the temperature down to achieve boiling water, rather than the steam we use on roofs for ice dams.

The sewer jet alone won’t do the job, of course.  It takes elbow grease, too.  It will take more than 5 minutes to free up your culverts.  Our process is effective, though.  Call us if you don’t want your yard to be a duck pond.

We use similar equipment to thaw frozen pipes All kinds of pipes: sewer pipes, water supply lines going to outbuildings, you name it.  It’s a nice alternative to worrying about whether or not your pipes will crack.

We’ve even been asked to steam driveways.  Sometimes I’d call that a waste of money, but not always.  Many of the people who have called us for this service either have disabilities that prevent them from clearing their driveways personally, or they have gorgeous stamped-concrete, paver, or slate driveways that they don’t want ruined by salt or brute methods.

Heavy-duty ice can form in many places on your property, and you may have unique needs.  One gent called because he wanted us to get all the ice out of a 12’’ x 12’ dog run he set up in his backyard.  He loved his dog, and wanted to make sure his pooch was comfortable when he had to go #2 in the snow.  We can’t say no to a dog, and we figured our steam would make short work of the ice, so we sent one of our finest Ice Dam Guys® techs and his steamer.  He made short work of the ice in the dog run, but guess what else his steam thawed out?  When he got back to the shop, we asked why took a job as a cage cleaner at the zoo.  We can’t resist teasing him a little, but at least our customer and his dog were happy.

As ice dam removal pros, saving your property is what we do day and night during the winter, and that’s true beyond the ice dam on your roof.  If any kind of ice has endangered your property or has become a burr in the saddle for you, hiring an ice dam professional is a good bet.

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