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Safe & Professional Steam Thawing of Frozen Pipes, Vent Pipes, Spigots, Drains, Culverts, Conduit, & Indoor Ice

Homeowners and business owners across the US know and love Ice Dam Guys® for our steam-only ice dam removal, but we can also save the day if you’ve got a frozen pipe, a frozen vent pipe, a frozen spigot, a frozen drain, a frozen drainpipe, a frozen sewer line (aka sanitary sewer line), a frozen septic system, a frozen storm drain, an indoor water leak or spill that froze, frozen culverts, or other problems with ice.  

Furnace vent plugged with ice

Any frozen plumbing can cause flooding and set off an avalanche of other problems, like interior water damage, soaked valuables, and risk of fire.  The possibility that some of that water may freeze only adds to the misery.

We can also help to unfreeze roof drains, floor drains, storm drains, inner drains, storm sewers, scuppers, gutters, downspouts, and culverts.

We can even clear underground pipes.  Another unique job we did recently was for an electrical contractor working at one of our local TV stations (KSTP Channel 5 in Saint Paul).  The contractor needed to run underground cables through PVC conduit, but those PVC pipes were frozen solid.  Because our steamers can be used for hydro-jetting, we were able to snake through the conduit, turn the temperature down until we were clearing the pipes with very hot water, and vacuum out the moisture, allowing the electricians to run the cable freely.

Because our trusty Steamzilla™ steamers also work wonders at hydro-jetting, they come equipped with steam snakes.  Thus we can melt the ice inside of a pipe, as well as any ice that may be blocking your drain.  Not only can we melt that ice efficiently and safely, but we can oftentimes do it quickly.  We don’t need to use MacGyver methods (like hair dryers, space heaters, or low-heat pressure washers), and we won’t need to carve a hole in your home, or even plug into your electricity.  Because we can adjust the temperature, pressure, and output of our steamers, we can be as gentle and surgical as we need to be – or we can be aggressive and fast if needed.

Call Ice Dam Guys® today for safely thawed and free-flowing pipes, drains or other areas where water needs to flow.

If it’s frozen, we can melt it!

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