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Ice Dam Removal Near Edmonton & Calgary

Have an ice dam emergency in Edmonton, Calgary or in nearby Alberta communities? Call the Ice Dam Guys® today at 1-800-423-3267 for immediate scheduling for same-day/next-day service! We’ve removed thousands of ice dams since 1995 and are the top-rated ice dam removal company in North America! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. En savoir plus en français canadien.

In Alberta, known for its bonechilling winters that mirror those in places like Montana, ice dams are a frequent concern. The province’s geographical position and the influence of cold air masses from the Rocky Mountains contribute to intense snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures. Edmonton, for instance, is famous for its frigid and windy winters, with temperatures often plunging to –15 °C. That sustained chill will almost certainly lead to some ice dams!

But there’s good news: North America’s top-rated ice dam removal company, the Ice Dam Guys®, are more than equipped to handle these icy challenges. We’ve braved thousands of rooftops since 1995 and our approach to work is serious: we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring your peace of mind when we’re taking care of your roof. In the midst of an ice dam emergency, we’re here to give you the much-needed assistance and expertise you deserve!

This photo shows a two-story brick home that has dozens of feet of large icicles and ice dams. One side of the home has over 20 feet and the other over 12 feet. Some of the icicles nearly reach the ground they're so long.

Why Do Ice Dams Occur?

The formation of ice dams is mainly attributed to heavy snowfall combined with uneven roof temperatures. Here’s a breakdown of how this typically snowballs (pun intended) out of control:

Snow Buildup

The origin of an ice dam is the buildup of snow on your roof, typically occurring during the more severe storms or blizzards each season. Pay particular interest to north-facing slopes or those sections of your house that remain hidden in daytime shade thanks to mature vegetation or neighboring properties. This is where the snow buildup can become even a bigger issue.

Varied Roof Temperatures

For an ice dam to materialize, your roof must have areas of differing temperatures – warm in some parts, colder in others. The peak of the roof often holds more warmth than its edges.

This discrepancy is usually the result of heat escaping from the living spaces to the attic, subsequently heating the roof. Inadequate attic insulation and various attic bypasses, such as recessed lighting, ceiling vents, and exhaust fans, contribute significantly to this problem by allowing warm air to leak into the attic. This, in turn, heats the roof from below, paving the way for ice dams.

Melting and Refreezing Cycle

The snow on the roof’s warmer section (generally near the peak) melts and flows down to the cooler eaves. Here, it refreezes, especially if the gutters are already choked up. Clogged gutters hinder snowmelt from draining off the roof, leading to water accumulation at the eaves and further exacerbating the ice formation.

Ice Dam Development

As this process of melting and refreezing at the eaves continues, ice accumulates, forming a dam. This ice dam can grow large enough to trap water behind it, potentially leading to internal damages like water leaks and even ceiling collapses.

Risk of Damage

The trapped water can leak under shingles and into the house, damaging walls, ceilings, insulation, and raising concerns about mold in any damp areas like behind walls and between flooring. Besides water damage, the weight of the ice dams can strain the roof and gutters, posing structural risks.

To minimize your chances for an ice dam, it’s crucial to ensure your attic is well-insulated and ventilated to maintain a consistent temperature across the roof. Removing snow from the roof after significant snowfalls is advisable, provided it’s safe and you use an appropriate roof rake or broom. Remember, clearing ice dams doesn’t address the root cause. For a long-term solution, consider a professional home energy audit to pinpoint specific bypasses and underlying issues.

This photo shows three skylights in a home. They have snow on them and unfortunately, streaks of strained water are leaking down their walls. It looks like the sealing or the weight of snow and ice made the skylights weak.

Steam Only Ice Dam Removal Near Edmonton

Established in Minnesota in 1995, Ice Dam Guys® has a long history of navigating frosty roofs and perfecting the art of ice dam removal. After a lot of experimentation and tweaking, we’ve determined the safest and most efficient method for eradicating ice dams is to use only 100% steam. Our confidence in this technique led us to engineer Steamzilla™, our customized steam machine, designed to optimize this process.

The key benefit of utilizing pure steam lies in its non-abrasive nature and its gentle interaction with roofing materials. This approach avoids any harsh methods, protecting your shingles from damage due to excessive heat or physical abrasion. Our technicians describe Ol’ Steamzilla as a hot blade effortlessly slicing through butter and you can see that for yourself in the image below.

This image shows an Ice Dam Guys technician on a roof. They are removing an ice dam that expands the entire length of the roof by using steam. This hot steam cut through the ice dam easily and the tech now has much smaller pieces to remove more easily.

Indeed, the saying ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ is apt in this scenario. The image vividly conveys the efficacy of our 100% steam method in ice dam removal. Not only is this technique considerate of your home’s integrity, but it’s also notably efficient, even in the depths of a freezing winter, at swiftly removing ice dams from your roof.

Ice Dam Guys®: Alberta’s Ice Dam Experts

For over 25 years, the Ice Dam Guys® have been a trusted resource for homeowners and businesses throughout North America in need of emergency ice dam removal. Our unwavering dedication to professionalism and home protection has earned us a trustworthy reputation. We’re fully licensed and bonded, plus we have comprehensive General Liability insurance for our client’s assurance. When winter unleashes its next snowstorm, our team will be throughout Alberta helping communities such as:

Airdrie, Banff, Brooks, Calgary, Cochrane, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lacombe, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, Red Deer, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sylvan Lake, and Wood Buffalo.

Curious about our past work? Feel free to visit many online platforms with hundreds of past customer reviews. We’ve consolidated information from nearly 20 websites into one accessible spot for your convenience. It’s a commitment to transparency and customer service that only a company with a deep-rooted history of customer care can offer.

Remember, you reached out to us for a reason – your home was facing a threat. Allow us to resolve that for you, so you can return to enjoying your home, free from the concerns of ice dams, leaks, and the potential financial strain they bring.

Call us now at 1-800-ICE-DAMS for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Alberta home.

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