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Ice Dam Removal Near Montréal & Québec City

Do you have an ice dam emergency in Montréal, Québec City, or elsewhere in Québec? Call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day/next-day scheduling. We’ve become the top-rated ice dam removal company in North America and have been helping homeowners like you since 1995! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. En savoir plus en français canadien.

Quebec is particularly renowned for its harsh winters, seeing over 200 cm of snowfall annually, with regions like Saguenay experiencing even more — 350+ cm recorded in 2022! This extreme volume of snow, coupled with Quebec’s frigid wind-chilled temperatures, creates the ideal conditions for ice dams. And if you’ve ever had an ice dam you know that becomes a big concern for homeowners.

Fortunately, the Montréal ice dam removal specialists at Ice Dam Guys® are prepared for these types of extreme conditions. Having braved thousands of rooftops across North America since 1995, our team brings a wealth of firsthand experience and knowledge to every job. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring that you have peace of mind while we safely tackle your ice dam emergency.

This photo shows a three story home, possibly Victorian, with massive icicles hanging from the roof and an ice dam. These extend past 6 feet in length and need professional attention.

Understanding Ice Dams

Ice dams happen when there’s sustained and heavy snowfall paired with unnatural temperature variations in your attic and on your roof. Here’s a good rundown of how ice dams are formed and what happens when one is left unattended.

Snow, So Much Snow!

The first step in the formation of an ice dam is the accumulation of snow on the roof. Usually this won’t happen with run of the mill storms, but more significant weather events. Think big blizzards that dump a ton overnight or when you get sustained storms for several days. The term “unrelenting” comes to mind.

Uneven Roof Temperatures

For an ice dam to form, there needs to be a temperature differential on the roof’s surface — warm in some areas and cold in others. The higher peaks of the roof tend to be warmer (heat rises) compared to the edges where there is no insulation.

This temperature difference is often due to heat escaping from the house into the attic, which then warms the roof above. Inferior attic insulation and attic bypasses allows this warm interior air to seep into the attic, so you’ll want to look into a home energy audit from a local professional. They’ll be able to point out where you have these leaks so you can repair them before next winter!

The Melting and Refreezing Cycle

The snow on the warmer part of the roof (usually the top or near the ridge) melts and flows down towards the colder edge of the roof (eaves). When this water reaches the colder edge, it refreezes, forming a dam of ice. This is made worse if your gutters are already clogged prior to the storm. When gutters are clogged, even snowmelt has a hard time exiting the roof, so it begins to pool on the roof’s eaves. This adds more water to the problem which freezes to the ice dam and makes it even bigger!

Risk for Household Damage

The standing water that pools when dams thaw can seep under the shingles and into the structure of the house, potentially causing damage to walls, leaking ceilings, insulation, and other areas. Keep in mind anywhere that gets soaked or saturated will also need to be checked and monitored for mold. In addition to causing water damage, ice dams can also create a weight burden on the roof and gutters, potentially leading to structural issues.

To prevent ice dams, it’s important to ensure adequate attic insulation and ventilation, which helps maintain a more uniform roof temperature, and to remove snow from the roof after heavy snowfalls if it’s safe to do so. Keep in mind that ice dam removal is not a solution to the underlying issue. You need to seek a professional home energy audit to identify the specific bypasses and issues.

Residential water leaks inside customers' homes due to ice dam emergencies.

Ice Dam Removal in Montréal and Québec City

Established in 1995, the Ice Dam Guys® have trekked onto thousands of ice roofs just like yours. Over those winters we had time to experiment and make adjustments until we discovered the optimal, safest way to eliminate ice dams – 100% steam. We’re such believers in the superiority of steam that we custom-built our own line of steam machines, aptly named Steamzilla™.

The key benefit of using 100% steam for ice dam removal lies in its non-invasive nature, ensuring your roof remains unscathed by harsh heat or abrasive wear and tear. Our team’s approach can be compared to effortlessly slicing through butter with a heated blade. They segment the ice dam into smaller pieces, making it easier to clear away, as you can see below.

A technician for Ice Dam Guys slices and dices a large section of ice on a roof, known as an ice dam, using steam. He's been able to cut this slab of ice into small handheld sized pieces for easy removal.

Pretty cool, right?! We were able to take an ice dam that was several feet deep and many inches thick and reduce it into handheld tiles. The image above perfectly showcases the efficiency of our 100% steam-based ice dam removal method. This approach not only safeguards your home but also swiftly addresses the ice dam issue, even in the chill of winter.

Ice Dam Guys®: Québec’s Ice Dam Experts

For over 25 years, the Ice Dam Guys® have been the go-to experts for emergency ice dam removal for homeowners and businesses across North America. Our dedication to professionalism and the safety of your home is paramount. We operate fully licensed, bonded, and carry a comprehensive General Liability insurance policy that provides peace of mind for our clients. Our proven track record and strong customer relationships have enabled us to extend our services to Montréal and its surrounding communities. Rest assured, when the next blizzard hits, our team will be on standby to serve the following areas:

Brossard, Gatineau, Laval, Lévis, Longueuil, Montréal, Québec City, Repentigny, Saguenay, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Sherbrooke, Terrebonne, and Trois-Rivières.

Interested in what other homeowners have to say? We’ve consolidated almost 20 of the most popular review websites into one convenient location. Now you can easily learn about our track record of success without having to waste time during your ice dam emergency. This level of transparency and commitment is a testament to our long-standing dedication to customer satisfaction.

Remember, you reached out to us because you had a problem that jeopardized the comfort and safety of your home. Let us handle it. We’re here to ensure you can enjoy your home throughout winter, free from the worries of ice, leaks, damaged gutters, and more!

Call us now at 1-800-ICE-DAMS for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Québec home.

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