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Ice Dam Removal Near Ft. Collins, Colorado

If you’re having a roof ice dam emergency in Larimer or Weld Counties, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for priority scheduling! We’ve removed thousands of ice dams since 1995 and we’re the top-rated ice dam removal company across the country! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Northern Colorado is home to CSU and UNC, along with outdoor destinations like Horsetooth Reservoir and the Poudre Trail. People who aren’t familiar with the state often don’t realize that such iconic Colorado entities and attractions are less than 40 miles from Wyoming. For those that have lived here, we know that being this close to Wyoming also means we’ll be hammered by Wyoming wind and weather from time to time. This is abundantly clear during Ft. Collins’ winters when storms get pushed into the region from our neighbors to the north. What that can often look like are fluke blizzards and ice dams like the example below:

Ice Dams in Ft. Collins, Colorado found by the Ice Dam Guys®

If your home has the appearance of the photo above or some variation of that, you’ve likely got an ice dam. While that depth of snow would be ideal for a powder day up at Winter Park, it’s a real pain in the neck for homeowners who have it on their roof. This is due to the fact that ice dams will regularly weigh several hundred pounds and can grow in excess of 1,000+ pounds! Not only do they place a weight burden on your home, but they also produce water leaks that can become really expensive to repair. This is actually how most of our customers realize the snow on their roof has escalated into the category of an ice dam since they’ll notice water leaking from their ceiling. Here’s an example of what to look for at your home, but also note that the leaks can be much smaller than this too:

Ice Dam Water Damage found by the Ice Dam Guys®

The reason ice dams so commonly produce water leaks is because of how they form. Ice dams are made when there is a period of sustained snowfall that’s paired with freezing temperatures. However, as it regularly happens in Colorado, when the sun pops out for a handful of hours one nice afternoon, it can actually warm up enough to allow thawing to occur. This can also happen when there is unnatural heat loss into your attic space from the living quarters. Both scenarios allow for some snow to thaw and trickle down the warm faces of the roof until it hits a dead-end at the frozen gutters. At that point, it has nowhere to go and when the evening temperature drops, it refreezes to form the dam.

Unlike the majority of the roof, the overhangs and gutters are not insulated by the attic. For all intent and purpose, they’re isolated and not like the rest of the roof. This means that they remain frozen for longer since they’re surrounded by cold air both above and below. Similarly, the north-facing side of your house below the eaves and next to dormers are also susceptible to ice dams. It will be in these areas that they form, so you’ll want to keep your eyes open for any lingering ice and snow. If you see some or notice your downspout is frozen over, then you likely have an ice dam and that’s where we come in!

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Throughout Weld and Larimer Counties

We’ve been fighting ice dams since 1995 at the Ice Dam Guys® and we consider ourselves proper experts and pioneers in the industry. See, when we started out, there really weren’t the options we have today. Most homeowners simply called their local roofing contractor and gave them a shot. What that usually looked like was an inexperienced person climbing a ladder (keep in mind they usually work in summer vs. winter) with some sort of tool. When we say tool, we mean things like ice picks, steel shovels, blowtorches, and power washers with hot water. While each of these routes technically could remove ice dams, they would also damage roofs or other areas of the home. All the brute force options could pierce the roof, and all options easily damaged shingles and created more chinks in your home’s armor. The whole blowtorch approach is just crazy, but thankfully, we didn’t see people try that too much. None of these methods were consistent and more important, they weren’t safe enough. That’s when we invented and trademarked our in-house steam machine, Steamzilla™!

Using only steam to remove ice dams is the standalone best option for your home! The two most important factors are that it’s incredibly gentle while being really effective. As you can imagine, taking hot steam to a chunk of ice is really fun, as it slices and dices that dam into small chunks! We take all those chunks off your roof so you’re left with free-flowing gutters and no ice in sight! At no point will anything bash your shingles or gutters and nothing produces pressure to break them or allow them to fall loose. It’s just like a facial…but bigger…and named Steamzilla™ 🙂 Here’s one of our techs doing this for a visual aid:

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Throughout Weld and Larimer Counties with the Ice Dam Guys®

We’re adamant about steam-only ice dam removal because it’s never let us down! Considering we’ve been doing this for 25+ years and across the entire country, that’s saying something. At the end of the day you called us because you worried about your home, let us gently remove the problem so your home stays intact and undamaged!

Ice Dam Guys® Are Northern Colorado’s Ice Dam Removal Experts

Coloradans have trusted the Ice Dam Guys® since John Elway was leading the Broncos, so we’re basically family at this point. And like a good family, we’re looking out for you by being properly licensed, bonded, and insured with a General Liability policy for your comprehensive protection. With a focus on customer service, you can find us hauling our machines through the following Weld and Larimer County communities:

Ault, Bellvue, Berthoud, Carr, Drake, Eaton, Estes Park, Gillcrest, Greeley, Johnstown, La Salle, Livermore, Loveland, Nunn, Pierce, Platteville, Red Feathers Lake, Severance, Timnath, Wellington, and Windsor.

Emergency ice dam removal can be costly, but we assure you we’re the most trusted option in town. We like to make sure you know who we are, what we do, and why you can trust us, so we recommend that you Google us. Yep, pop in “Ice Dam Guys reviews” into your favorite search bar and see what thousands of past customers say about us. We’re confident we’re the #1 choice for you and your home.

We look forward to helping you today!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Ft. Collins area home.

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