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Ice Dam Removal Near Grand Rapids, Minnesota

If you have an ice dam emergency in Grand Rapids, Cohasset, or throughout Itasca County, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for same-day/next-day scheduling! We’ve removed thousands of ice dams since 1995 and we’re the most-rated ice dam removal company in the country! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

As native Minnesotans, the Ice Dam Guys® are far too familiar with the winters in our part of the country. We like to think we have it bad in Minneapolis, but we’re putting up bush-league numbers compared to the fine folks in Grand Rapids! Considering your winter lows clock in at an average of 0°F and you get nearly 4’ of snow, it’s no wonder our phones are going nuts with homeowners needing our help! Why are we so popular in the wintertime? Well, because so many of us have ice dams on our roofs like the one shown below:

Ice Dam Removal in Grand Rapids, Minnesota with the Ice Dam Guys®

If you have something that resembles that big slab of ice on your home’s roof, it’s time to call us and get that off of there ASAP! While it may look benign enough, they regularly weigh hundreds and even thousands of pounds and can create all sorts of property damages. Most commonly, we see homeowners with leaks coming from their ceilings (as seen in the photo below), having ceiling collapses, or damaged gutters. While not every ice dam causes interior damages, when they do, it’s often costly and becomes quite a headache to repair!

Ice Dam Leaking into Home | Ice Dam Guys®

Ice dams form because of unnatural or sudden temperature fluctuations. This can occur naturally, such as when we have a particularly sunny and “warm” day that heats our roof just enough to help thaw the snow and ice. While this scenario can cause ice dam formations, more commonly we see it’s from unnatural heat loss into your attic.

Heat loss from your home’s living spaces into the attic are commonly tied to attic bypasses, such as recessed lighting cans, HVAC ducts that run into the attic, or any number of vulnerable areas, like attic access doors in your ceiling. Heat loss can also occur due to poor ventilation in your attic or having too low of a rating on your insulation (this is known as an R-Value).

No matter how your roof warmed, the issue lies near the edge at the gutters and eaves. These areas of your roof do not have insulation, so they remain frozen much longer as they’re not as impacted by the warming. When that snowmelt begins running down your roof, it has nowhere to go once it hits these frozen areas. As one can assume, this is where the ice dam forms and your problems begin!

While it’s important to learn how your home is losing heat, and you can learn the specifics with a home energy audit later in the year, it’s not your most urgent concern. What is a priority is getting the ice dam off your roof so the leaking can stop! That’s why we offer same-day and next-day scheduling for our neighbors in Grand Rapids.


Emergency Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Itasca County

The Ice Dam Guys® are perfectionists at heart and over the last 25+ years, we’ve perfected the art of ice dam removal. Most notably is our in-house creation, Steamzilla™, which delivers the perfect amount of steam to remove your ice dam. Why steam and why is that our only method to remove ice dams?

It’s actually really simple – steam-only ice dam removal is incredibly gentle for your roof and it’s superior compared to more brunt approaches. Speaking of brunt force, if you’re contacted by a contractor who offers to use any of the following on your roof, kindly run in the opposite direction:

  • Hot water power washer
  • Ice pick or another blunt object
  • Anything that produces a flame
  • Salt or ice melt

Each and every one of these methods can produce new damages to your home, in addition to what the ice dam already created. Power washers are simply too harsh for your shingles. Ice picks and other blunt objects regularly miss their intended target and damage roofing materials. Flame, while it sounds fun, is just a bad idea all around, namely your homeowner’s insurance policy if an accident occurs. Lastly, ice melts, the bane of our existence. Ice melts can work, as we’ve all likely seen throughout town on icy sidewalks and steps. But you know what you also see? You’ll also see cracking and crumbling concrete. The exact same corrosive product will eventually leave your roof, trickle-down your siding, and gather on your concrete. Every step of that journey can cause damage to your siding or hardscapes.

This is why we only use steam to remove ice dams and you’re going to love it! Our technician will meet with you and once they determine the roof is safe to work on, they’ll get at it. Using Steamzilla™ they create a grid pattern in your ice dam and remove those smaller pieces of ice from your roof. What you’re left with are free-flowing gutters and an ice-free roof! You can see one of our techs doing this below:

Emergency Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Itasca County with the Ice Dam Guys®


Minnesotans Love Their Ice Dam Guys®:

Like the Vikings, the Ice Dam Guys® are your hometown favorite but we actually bring home championships – in ice dam removal! Jokes aside, we really have become the top-rated ice dam removal company in the nation! When we’re not at our home base in Minneapolis, you can find us in and around the following Grand Rapids communities:

Blackberry, Bovey, Cohasset, Coleraine, Deer Lake, Deer River, Hill City, La Prairie, Marble, Pokegama Lake, Taconite, Trout Lake, and Warba.

As you likely already know from past ice dams, emergency ice dam removal can get pricey, so we take no offense that you’d want to snoop into our past before hiring us. Heck, we check on our vendors too! Google “Ice Dam Guys reviews” to see a smorgasbord of reviews and testimonials from all the well-known platforms. Our favorites from the highlight reel include 500+ reviews on Google, 100+ satisfied clients on Angi, a perfect 5/5 stars at Yelp, and a sustained A+ Rating at the BBB for over a decade!

You called us to solve your ice dam problems and not add to them, which is why we’re properly licensed, insured, and bonded to perform ice dam removal on your home. Unlike seasonal workers, this is our full-time gig and we take it seriously! We carry a General Liability policy to provide you with comprehensive protection from liability while we work on your icy roof. We want to alleviate your stress, not add to it.

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your home in Grand Rapids, Cohasset, or the area.

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