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Roof Ice Dam Removal Near Idaho Falls, ID

If you have an ice dam emergency in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, or nearby, call Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for safe and effective steam-only ice dam removal. In business since 1996, we’ve helped thousands of happy customers and become the top-rated ice dam removal company on Google nationwide! We are properly licensed, bonded, & insured.

Ice dam that the Ice Dam Guys® removed.

Ice Dams in Bonneville County and Beyond

Similar to how the early frontiersmen ventured west in the 1800s, Minnesota-based Ice Dam Guys® relocate each winter to make camp in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Pocatello. Sure, we’d prefer to spend our time on the Snake River fishing during your warmer months, but duty calls, and in our neck of the woods that duty is spelled I-C-E D-A-M-S. It’s no secret it’s cold here, but you also get hammered by ice dams, as KIDK Eyewitness News 3 discussed in early 2022.

If you’ve never experienced an ice dam, count yourself lucky, as we have experienced thousands! They’re not fun and as you learn more about them, you begin to see just how destructive they are to your property. Once formed, ice dams will often weigh over 1,000 pounds and can do everything from producing water leaks and collapsing ceilings to sagging gutters and property damage. The good news is that ice dams don’t always occur and won’t hit every house. The bad news is that you’ll likely not know you’re susceptible to ice dams until it’s too late and you see it!

Why Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams form when there are nasty storms in Idaho that contain sustained freezing conditions, snowfall, and fluctuating rooftop temperatures. Two of those are pretty simple to understand, but many homeowners are unaware of how fluctuating rooftop temperatures contribute to ice dams. One scenario that can cause your roof to quickly heat up is a sudden increase in sunlight and outdoor temperatures. This is a natural development and one that is hard to avoid as it’s nature doing its thing. However, there is also an unnatural scenario that contributes to rooftop heat and that one is avoidable. This situation involves interior heat loss into your attic.

Heat loss from your home’s living spaces into the attic is not only energy-inefficient, but it’s also what produces the most serious ice dams. This is because as you and your family warm the home to take the edge off the weather, little chinks in your home’s armor are exposed. These are known as attic bypasses and they often occur where there are recessed lighting cans, outlets, non-insulated HVAC ducts, and more. Additionally, many older homes can be more susceptible to internal heat loss because their home’s insulation is inferior or was installed several decades ago. For example, having too low of an R-Value for your home’s insulation or when insulation falls from the roof’s batts, which can occur 15-20 years after installation. A good way to know if your home is being inefficient and losing heat is to have a home energy audit conducted at a later date, but in the short-term, they’re little help.

No matter why your roof is warm, the issue comes from having the majority of the roof’s surface warmer than the roof’s gutters and overhangs that are still frozen. Even if you have great insulation in your attic, they often don’t install it all the way down to your gutters. This leads to melting snow across a large area of your roof that runs down towards the edge where it refreezes over the gutter. As the day goes on and on and the temperatures drop that evening, next thing you know, you’ve got Mr. Freeze on your roof!

Ice dam in Idaho Falls that the Ice Dam Guys® removed.

Safe and Effective Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Idaho Falls

Now that you know how ice dams form and what conditions produce them, the more important question is “how do I get it off my roof?!” If you’re to the point that you see the ice dam and you’re already experiencing issues, you’ll have to call someone like the Ice Dam Guys® to get rid of it quickly! We’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years and the only method we use is safe and effective steam-only ice dam removal. Unlike other methods, varying from buckshot to hockey sticks (we’re kidding about the buckshot, but have seen someone try to slap shot a dam off a roof!), steam-only removal is the safest and most gentle approach to protect your home. After all, you called us because you were worried about your home, so we want to ensure you and your home come out of this unscathed and ready to tackle the rest of the winter!

Once our technicians are able to safely get on your roof, they’ll clear any fresh snow from atop the ice dam and then slowly start creating a grid pattern in the ice using our steam-only device. This approach breaks the ice dam into smaller pieces, which are easy to handle and clear from your roof. When we’re done, you’re left with free-flowing gutters, ice-free overhangs, and the confidence that today’s problems are no longer. While we are grateful to have helped you today, we still recommend that all property owners who experience an ice dam consult with a local home energy advisor later in the year to receive a home energy audit. Ideally, you can avoid future dams as well!

For more tips and examples of how we perform ice dam removal, check out the interview below from Ice Dam Guys® Tony Phinney on Weather Underground:

Working With the Experts at Ice Dam Guys®

We’re going to cut to the chase, your local roofing contractor can’t compete with our experience and approach to ice dam removal. However, it’s not their fault, as we’ve stacked the table in our favor by focusing 100% of our efforts on ice dam removal. See, a lot of contractors want to make an extra buck during their slow season – the winter. Conversely, winter is our only season and ice dam removal is 100% of our focus. This allows us to maintain properly trained technicians with experience on icy roofs who consistently (and effectively) remove ice dams using our steam-only approach. This ensures your roof, shingles, siding, gutters, and concrete aren’t damaged like they could be if your local contractor used blunt objects or ice melt to tackle the problem. Additionally, we carry General Liability insurance, which provides you with the comfort of knowing you are not liable for anything that occurs on your property. God forbid we fall off your roof, know that we are properly licensed, bonded, and insured to work on icy roofs removing ice dams. Can you summer roofing contractors say the same about their insurance policy? We suspect they can’t. But you don’t have to take our word for it, as we encourage you to Google “Ice Dam Guys reviews” and scour the internet until you’re comfortable moving forward with us! You’ll notice we’re the top-rated ice dam removal company in the entire nation and have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for over a decade. That doesn’t happen by mistake and we hope to add you to our long list of happy customers!

Communities Served

If there’s ice on the roofs, you can find the Ice Dam Guys® throughout Idaho. Whether you’re near Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, or anywhere between, we’re there! Popular suburbs we’ve visited include:

Ammon, Archer, Basalt, Beachs Corner, Blackfoot, Egin, Hibbard, Lewisville, Lincoln, Menan, Mitchell, Newdale, Osgood, Rigby, Roberts, Shelley, Sugar City, Teton, Ucon, and Woodville.

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Idaho Falls home.

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