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Emergency Ice Dam Removal in Kalispell and Whitefish, Montana

If you’re having an ice dam emergency near Kalispell or Whitefish, call Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for immediate scheduling. Since 1995, we’ve eliminated ice dams for thousands of happy customers to become the top-rated ice dam removal company in America! We are properly licensed, bonded, & insured.

While Flathead County, Montana is known for its Western hospitality and a long list of memorable outdoor activities, the bone-chilling winters in Kalispell-Whitefish can be a bit extreme for many visitors. Thankfully, the Ice Dam Guys® lost the feeling in our toes and fingers long ago, which is good considering Kalispell plunged to -30 degrees below zero in February 2022 (not including wind chill)! Unfortunately, when a region experiences snowfall with such extreme drops in temperature, ice dams can form to become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. What is an ice dam? Well, it’s this monster seen in the below photo:

Ice Dam Removal in Kalispell and Whitefish, Montana with the Ice Dam Guys®

If you have something that looks like that on your home, it’s time to call in a professional to remove that bad boy before it gets bigger or more destructive. We’ve been on thousands of roofs since our inception in 1995 and the most frequent issues we’ve seen from ice dams are interior water leaks and collapsed ceilings. While your situation may not have escalated to that point yet, it’s best to get ahead of it now by calling in for same-day or next-day ice dam removal.

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Flathead County

Do you know how nice it is to ride on fresh powder at the beginning of the day vs the crusty junk you find on the slopes at the end? Us too, and that’s why the Ice Dam Guys® wanted to provide the “fresh powder” experience for ice dam removal! We’re able to achieve this because we’ve mastered the steam-only approach to removal. Unlike hot water power washers, pounds of ice melt, or ice picks that your local roofers might use, steam is not only the safest option for your roof, it’s also incredibly effective. Steam is the most gentle option, but precise, and it ensures we don’t create more problems on your roof than when you called us. Unfortunately, and we’ve seen it too many times, many local contractors just don’t have the proper equipment to match what we can do, which means they’ll often have to apply brute force. Brute force can easily damage shingles, spill corrosive ice melt on your home’s siding, and make small leaks worse!

Since 1995, the Ice Dam Guys® has specialized in ice dam removal. This isn’t our slow season gig to make some beer money, it’s our team’s sole focus and it’s all we do! When you call us, our technician will arrive at your home to have a brief chat and perform some research. Once they’ve identified the ice dam’s scope and determined they can safely climb up to your roof, they will begin the gentle steam-only application. This will look like a grid pattern that produces small and manageable pieces of ice compared to the ice dam. From there they simply collect all the small pieces and leave you an ice-free roof and free-flowing gutters. You can see this in the picture below featuring one of our technicians:

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Flathead County with the Ice Dam Guys®

Montanans Trust the Ice Dam Guys®

When we’re not in Billings, Helena, or Missoula, the Ice Dam Guys® have removed ice dams or received calls from the following communities throughout the area:

Batavia, Bigfork, Columbia Falls, Evergreen, Forest Hill Village, Hungry Horse, Kila, La Salle, Lakeside, Marion, Olney, Pinnacle, Rhodes, Somers, and West Glacier.

We know it can be hard trusting a company you’ve likely never heard of before today, as no one plans on getting an ice dam. However, we encourage you to take a jog around the internet to check out the reputation that has earned us the title of the top-rated ice dam removal company in America. Google “Ice Dam Guys reviews” and see what your favorite site has to say about us. We recommend starting with the BBB since we’ve maintained an A+ Rating for 10+ years, then visiting Google, Angi, Yelp, and so on.

For your peace of mind, we’re licensed, fully insured, and bonded to perform ice dam removal on your property. We even have a General Liability policy that is expansive and applicable to the work we perform on icy roofs. At the end of the day, you called us to solve your problems and that’s what we intend to do!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Kalispell-Whitefish home.

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