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A Word about Cancelling Your Ice Dam Removal Appointment

It’s a problem when people cancel their ice dam appointment, for several reasons.

It takes time for us to prepare for your arrival.  We’ve got to schedule one of our Ice Dam Guys® pros, load up his truck, and make sure every one of the houses we’re dealing with today is getting what it needs.

You may not even be able to get through to us in time to cancel.  Most people call us when their house is leaking.  Because ice dams are highly weather-driven, all the houses that are likely to leak usually leak at the roughly the same time.

That means we don’t have much time to answer the phone, and our voicemail fills up.  We literally get hundreds of calls in an hour, during peak ice dam season.  Sometimes you’re lucky just to be able to leave voicemail at all.  You’re just as likely to get the charming robo-voice informing you that our voice mailbox is full.

Now, you might think to yourself, “Fine, I’ll just send an email.”

You, me, and 198 other people would have the same thought on the same day.  If you send an email, yours is one of 200 emails that we’ll receive that day.  When it rains it pours.  Sometimes we (and other ice dam removal companies) simply can’t keep up.

If you book an appointment with us, it’s almost certain we’ll show up.  So please don’t make an appointment if you plan to continue your search.  You should only make an appointment with a company if you’ve decided to hire that company.

You can count on us not to leave you twisting in the wind, either.

We would never call you and say, “We’ll be out at 1:00 pm – see you then!” and later call to say, “Hi, umm, sorry…there’s this big McMansion down the street that’s going to pay us more money to get rid of their ice dams, so we’ll have to help you some other time.”

Or, what if you urgently needed a same-day appointment, and knowing that we could not get there on that day, we scheduled your appointment anyway just so we could have a full dance card?   You’d be furious, and rightly so.

Last but not least, please keep in mind that most people call us when there’s an emergency.  Calling us only to cancel is like calling three ambulances at once to see you which one is cheaper or faster.  Someone else in town might be in trouble and could use one of those empty ambulances.  Of course, presumably you’re in an emergency, too, and don’t want to waste time.

Anyway, that’s a long way of saying that when you pick up the phone to call an ice dam pro, you’ll do everyone (including yourself) a favor by being ready to go, and keeping your appointment should you decide to make one.

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