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Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Call an Ice Dam Removal Company


Too many people wait until their roof is leaking like a greasy hamburger before they call an ice dam professional.

That’s too late.  Sure, waiting until the leaks started means you didn’t spend money on ice dam removal you didn’t need.  But it also means you might end up with damage to your home that’s far more expensive to fix.

When your house is leaking, so is everyone else’s. Ice dams are caused by weather, which means that when it rains (or snows!), it pours. Of course, that’s precisely when it’s hardest to get an ice dam removal company like ours on the phone, because that’s when the phones are ringing off the hook.

To make matters worse, one panic sets in, homeowners start calling again and again, leaving multiple messages and sending multiple panicked emails, which in turn backlogs the staff even more, and so on.  It compounds the problem tenfold.

When you’re calling around, trying to find the right ice dam company to hire, don’t say, “Okay, I’ll ask around and call you back.” If you are pretty sure you want to work with us (or whomever you’ve called), decisiveness helps. You might not reach us the second time.

In fact, if someone does answer the phone when your home is leaking, you’ve got to ask yourself why they’re the only ice dam company in town that isn’t meal-skipping, coffee-transfusion, forget-to-zip busy. If you wait, there’s a good chance won’t reach one of the “good guys.” You’ll end up with some fly-by-night out-of-work handyman who thinks ice dam removal is just easy money.

The trick is to understand what ice dams look like before they’re about to get serious. If  you look up and see a 6-12-inch block of ice on your roof, the time has come. Watch your icicles, too; if they’re as big in diameter as a Coke can you’ve got problems.  These two rules of them can tell you when it’s time to call an ice dam removal company, but before you’ve got an emergency on your hands.

In addition, waiting until your house is leaking means you’re going to have to spend time repairing the damage caused to the inside of your house.  Even if your insurance company does choose to pay for the damage, you’ll have to spend your whole summer listening to contractors hammer and saw and clomp their boots in your house.  Every time you run into them on the way out of your bathroom, you’ll wish you paid for that expensive-sounding ice dam removal back when that was all you’d need to pay for.

What would you pay to avoid long-term household disruption?

At the very least, as much as possible try to make your decision as to whom to hire before you pick up the phone. Keep in mind that there are probably at most only 2-3 safe and credible ice dam companies in the area.

By the time you’re scraping the bottom of the Google barrel – or Craigslist or the 1997 phone book – you’re asking for trouble.

Don’t wait until your house is leaking to call an ice dam pro.

Do your research before you pick up the phone.

Once you’ve made an appointment with someone you feel comfortable with, hang onto it.

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