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Save Money on Ice Dam Removal with This Simple Trick

My customers are always asking how to save money on ice dam removal.

They ask about discounts, deals, promos, and other giveaways.  Although we do offer coupons from time to time, you probably won’t save much.

But learning is free, and the best way to save money.  There’s potentially a way you can shave several hours off the time we spend on your ice dam removal job.  Even if you shave just one hour off of our time you’ll save several Ben Franklins.

Here’s the money-saving tip: try to schedule your appointment when it’s a little warmer, if possible.

The easy way to do this is to get an afternoon appointment.  In fact, when you call us we’ll always ask you what time of day you want: morning or afternoon.  Savvy homeowners and late risers usually want the afternoon, because if it’s even a few degrees warmer in the afternoon – which it usually is – then our job becomes a little easier or even a lot easier.

Ice tends to get a little softer in the warmth of the afternoon sun, which allows us to cut the ice a little more quickly.  Even more significant is that the shingles are a little warmer, which helps the chunks of ice “pop” off the roof a little more easily.  That can equate to huge saving for you, the homeowner.

If your ice dam isn’t a DEFCON 1 just yet, you may even check out the weather reports to see what the next few days look like.  Of course, you don’t want to wait too long.  You don’t want to get a leak in your home to save a few bucks.  But if you can afford to wait a day, you might catch a break when the temperature is expected to tick above freezing.  A 33-degree day is a much cheaper day of ice dam removal than a 20-degree day.  Whenever possible, work with Mother Nature, not against her.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking those slightly warmer days will take care of your ice dam problem for you.  It’s quite the opposite: a 33-degree day also means more water is melting.  It means you’re likely to see below-freezing temperatures in the night, which means that ice dam is going to grow all night long.  It can be a tricky call.

Don’t play around if you’ve got an emergency.  If you’ve let things go that long and get that bad you don’t have time to play chicken with Mother Nature.

If you’re given the option between morning and afternoon, take the afternoon.   If your ice dam isn’t huge and not leaking, you may want to wait a day, if tomorrow will be a few degrees warmer in the afternoon than today.

Whenever you call us, we’re here to help.

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