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Marinette Menominee Ice Dam Removal

If you have an ice dam emergency in the Marinette and Menominee area, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for same-day/next-day scheduling! Since 1995 we’ve removed thousands of ice dams with such happy customers that we’ve become the top-rated ice dam removal company in the country! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

The Ice Dam Guys® and their President, Joe Palumbo, love visiting the Marinette and Menominee area from their headquarters in Minneapolis. They’ve attended many of your 4th of July firework shows and parades, and celebrations like the Menominee Waterfront Festival. Summertime is a blast around Lake Michigan, but as you know, winters are a different beast! When that wind moves in off the water, paired with your winters that average 45+ inches of snow, you’re gonna have some trouble. And in M&M, trouble is spelled I-C-E D-A-M-S.

Ice dams are the unfortunate byproducts of heavy winters in really cold locations, which describes Marinette Menominee perfectly! Have you ever seen something like this on your roof or neighbors?

Marinette Menominee Ice Dam Removal with the Ice Dam Guys

If you have, that’s an ice dam and you definitely don’t want one if you can avoid it! These lil buggers form when a couple of factors come into play in perfect harmony. The gist of it is that they form naturally (which we can’t control) or unnaturally (which we can control), but it’s all related to fluctuating temperatures on your roof.

One way this happens is when you have a fluke warm day after a series of freezing temperatures. The heat and the sun begin to melt your snow, which you’d think would be good, but it actually causes ice dams. See, that snowmelt runs down your roof and hits the ice on the eaves (still frozen because they take longer to thaw), and the water can’t get past them into your gutters. This is when the water will begin to pool and when freezing temperatures return in the evening, you get ice dams. That’s the natural way these occur and your only option to avoid them is to use a roof rake when heavy snow occurs. If there’s no snow to melt when it gets warm, there’s no water to dam. Voila!

The unnatural way is due to heat loss into the attic. This is often due to poor ventilation in your attic, inferior attic insulation, or attic bypasses. All of these allow for the heat of your home to slowly leak into the attic and heat the roof from below. You can figure out what is specifically causing this loss by getting a home energy audit in the spring, but in the meantime, they’re big contributors to ice dams. These honkers just become big slabs of ice that can regularly weigh hundreds and even thousands of pounds! When they’re this size they regularly produce water leaks in your home, which can contribute to ceiling collapses, and more. Not only can that be incredibly dangerous, but each type of damage is also expensive to repair. To avoid all this, it’s best to get ice dams off when you see them. So how do we get them off your home?!

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Near Lake Michigan

The best way to get ice dams off your roof is through steam and it’s the only method the Ice Dam Guys® use! Unlike some jabronis who elect to use abusive ice picks, powerful hot water pressure-washers, or bags of corrosive ice melt, we’re more cultured than that. Like a facial at a spa, we’re using nothing but hot steam and it’s incredibly safe for your roof. Not only is it gentle, but it’s also effective!

When our tech arrives at your home, they’ll first meet with you and assess what’s going on with your roof. Once they get up there, they’ll shovel snow off your ice dam, so they have a clear shot at it. That’s when they fire up Steamzilla™, which is our proprietary steam-only ice dam removal machine. This baby slices the ice dam into small and manageable pieces for us to remove from your roof. After that we simply make sure you’re ice-free, you have access to your gutters, and that’s all she wrote. You can see an example of this process below where one of our techs is halfway done with an ice dam:

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Near Lake Michigan with the Ice Dam Guys®

Communities We Serve:

While we’re based in Minnesota, the Ice Dam Guys® are truly a national company that is everywhere and anywhere during winter’s harshest months. This means that we spend a lot of time in your neck of the woods and have local technicians ready to assist you. Our most frequently visited communities include:

Bagley Junction, Beaver, Birch Creek, Carbondale, Coleman, Harmony, Lena, Loomis, Miles, Oconto, Peshtigo, Porterfield, Pound, Rubys Corner, and Wilcox.

The Ice Dam Guys® have been battling ice dams since 1995 and are the nation’s tried and true experts for ice dam removal. We have literally helped thousands of happy customers, but we encourage you to Google us for yourself. Yeah, we’re telling you to snoop around our business and we’ll even make it easy for you! Check out what people have to say at Google, Angi (formerly AngiesList), Yelp, the BBB, and more to your heart’s content.

In addition to a stellar reputation, we’re also licensed and properly insured and bonded to perform ice dam removal on your home. We carry a General Liability policy that’s comprehensive for your protection and peace of mind. At the end of the day, you called us to remove your ice dam safely and effectively, and that’s what we plan to do!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Marinette Menominee home.

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