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Emergency Ice Dam Removal Near Missoula, MT

If you have an ice dam emergency near Missoula, call Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for safe and effective steam-only ice dam removal. In business since 1996, we’ve helped thousands of happy customers and become the top-rated ice dam removal company on Google nationwide! We are properly licensed, bonded, & insured.

Ice Dams in Missoula County and Western Montana

Missoula County is known as an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, thanks to your natural beauty, expansive wilderness areas, and fishable rivers. It’s a big reason Minnesota-based Ice Dam Guys® President, Joe Palumbo, spends so much time here during your warmer months. However, it’s not your blue-ribbon trout that entices us to spend our winters here – no, no – it’s your freezing winter storms and the ice that comes with it! Since Missoula averages 40 inches of snow each winter, the Ice Dam Guys® take up residency in your section of God’s country to assist the community with ice dam removals. If you’ve never experienced an ice dam, you’re fortunate, because they’re heavy and potentially destructive “gifts” from nature.

Ice dam removal by Ice Dam Guys®

Anatomy of an Ice Dam

Generally speaking, ice dams form when a unique sequence of events and unfortunate circumstances compound together at your expense. Most commonly, this includes freezing temperatures with a lot of snow that is followed by fluctuating increases in temperature. At times, this can occur naturally due to a quick about-face with the weather where there’s a quick warming spike, but it’s also due to heat loss from your home.

Heat loss from your home’s interior spaces into the attic will usually occur when there’s inadequate insulation or problems with your attic’s ventilation. Attics are filled with insulation that have different R-Values, an increasing scale for determining a product’s ability to perform in different locations. While Missoula County is considered a Zone 5, you’re dangerously close to Zone 6, which covers the majority of Montana and America’s northern states. There’s a chance when these monster storms come through, your R-Value might not be high enough. However, there’s also the strong possibility you have attic bypasses, such as non-insulated HVAC ducts, recessed lighting, outlets, or attic doors.

No matter what led to your attic becoming too warm, it causes the majority of your roof’s surface area to thaw and melt. As the snowmelt proceeds towards the roof’s eaves, it refreezes. This is because the gutter and eaves are colder than the higher portions of the roof and remain cold due to their isolation. Slowly the day grows longer and the temperatures drop for the evening and when that happens all that slow trickling water dams up on your gutters – and that’s how ice dams are born!

Missoula ice dams removed by the Ice Dam Guys®

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Process in Missoula

Since 1996, the Ice Dam Guys® have been perfecting the art of ice dam removal and after thousands of roofs, we’re happy to offer safe and effective steam-only ice dam removal. Unlike a local contractor who might go up a ladder with an ice pick and a prayer, we swiftly and safely remove the ice dam using only steam. This allows for your expensive roof to not sustain any damages or lost shingles and it avoids having corrosive ice melt run down your home’s siding.

When you call an Ice Dam Guys® technician, they will show up to your home and safely remove any snow that rests on top of your ice dam. They will then turn on their steamer and make a criss-cross pattern throughout the ice dam. This allows them to convert the original thousand-pound ice dam into small and manageable pieces of ice. They clear those pieces from your roof, ensure all ice has been removed, and then clean up your property so you can finally relax after a stressful day!

We’re adamant about only offering our steam-only removal process because it leaves your home completely undamaged. Remember, you called us because you were worried about your home and the damages that could happen from an ice dam. The last thing we’d want to see someone carrying up a ladder are blunt objects, pointed tools, flames, water power washers, or bags of salt melt. Each and every one of those approaches can frequently damage roofs and cause additional issues for both your home’s siding and concrete.

You can see diagrams on how ice dams are formed and see one of our technicians in action by watching the interview below from Ice Dam Guys® Tony Phinney on The Weather Channel:

Who Are the Ice Dam Guys®?

Simply put, the Ice Dam Guys® are the top-rated ice dam removal company in the country and we have thousands of happy customers who have shared their experiences with our emergency ice dam removal services. This is our full-time job, not a side hustle to make an extra buck during the slow winter months like a lot of local roofing contractors. For us, winter is our busy season, and removing ice dams is all we do.

We’re also fully insured to work on your icy roof to remove ice dams. We carry a General Liability insurance policy that insulates you from liability if an accident occurs while we’re on your property. We can’t say this for certain, but we suspect many local contractors who hop on icy roofs aren’t covered properly, even if they say they have insurance. More than likely they do, but for the warm and dry months when their trade is usually working. If they were to submit a claim upon injury, there’s a good chance their insurance provider could deny them because “what were you doing on an icy roof in winter? That’s outside the scope of your business.” Conversely, the Ice Dam Guys® exist solely to work on icy roofs and our insurance covers that.

See why we’ve had an A+ Rating at the BBB for over a decade by searching Google for “Ice Dam Guys Reviews”. We’re certain that no matter what website you check our reputation on, you’ll see how much we value our customers and how much they value us. We look forward to working with you!

Communities Served

If it’s freezing outside and icy on your roof, you can find the Ice Dam Guys® throughout Montana. Whether you’re near Missoula or anywhere else on the western edge of Montana, we’re there! Popular suburbs we’ve visited include:

Alberton, Bearmouth, Clinton, Corvalis, Drummond, Florence, Frenchtown, Greenough, Lincoln, Lolo, Miller, Ovando, Potomac, Ravenna, Ronan, Seeley Lake, St. Ignatius, Superior, Turah, and Wye.

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Missoula County home.

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