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Wausau, WI Ice Dam Removal

If you have an ice dam emergency in Wausau or throughout Marathon County, call Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for safe and effective steam-only ice dam removal. In business since 1996, we’ve helped thousands of happy customers and become the top-rated ice dam removal company on Google nationwide! We are properly licensed, bonded, & insured.

An ice dam the Ice Dam Guys® found in Wisconsin

Ice Dams in Marathon County, WI

Based in Minnesota, the Ice Dam Guys® know a thing or two about hard winters and snowfall, as we have plenty of it. But Wausau, the central portion of the state, and rural northern communities in Wisconsin are another ball game! You all total an impressive 5+ feet of snowfall annually, which is well over double the national average! While that’s great for snowmobiling throughout Marathon County and nearby, these intense storms can cause a variety of snow and ice-related emergencies in central Wisconsin. One of the worst results of these freezing conditions is ice dams on your home or small business, such as the behemoth we found at the top of this page.

Ice dams form across the northern United States from coast to coast, but they are notably consistent as an annual burden here in the Midwest. Having blizzards and freezing conditions contribute to ice dam formations, but fluctuating temperatures and/or heat loss from your home, often complete the process. When it gets cold outside, homeowners will heat their home for a warm reprieve from the elements, which normally is fine and without issues. However, there can be properties that have minor imperfections that go unnoticed until they produce something like an ice dam. These will commonly be attic bypasses, such as recessed lighting, outlets, and air ducts running to and from the attic, or having too low of an R-value for your attic’s insulation. While many of these are more common in older homes that haven’t received improvements, they can still exist in homes of all ages and price points. Similarly, your roof can cycle too warm and then refreeze naturally too, without any internal factors contributing to it. It’s hard to say without looking at your home in person, but your best course of action is to seek a home energy audit later in the season to assess.

Why are fluctuating temperatures and heat loss such big issues? It’s because a hot roof begins to melt snow and that snowmelt runs down towards your overhangs and gutters. Unfortunately, this area of your roof is almost always much colder, because it has significantly less (or none at all) insulation. That abrupt change from warm roof to frozen roof creates a traffic jam for the runoff. As you can guess, this is the ice dam and they only get bigger and bigger as more water gets added. It’s a vicious cycle that turns into blocks of ice that can weigh 1,000+ pounds and damage homes. Frequently, we meet customers who only realized they even had an ice dam because they experienced water leaks or a collapsed ceiling, seemingly out of nowhere! Good indicators you have an ice dam are monstrous icicles (not baby ones) like the images on this page or a layer of ice that’s visible on your roof’s shingles and surface. If you see one of these forming, please call us right away!

Layer of ice on a home's roof from the Ice Dam Guys®.

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Near Wausau

We’re perfectionists at Ice Dam Guys® and we’ve been on thousands of frozen roofs since 1996. We’ve tried everything to remove ice dams and the best method, by far, is our safe and effective steam-only ice dam removal process. Unlike hard tools, such as hatchets, icepicks, and saws, or powerful water pressure washers, the steam-only application offers a gentle precision that’s unrivaled. Ice melts are also an issue because when they’re done corrosive runoff has to go somewhere, which is usually your expensive concrete, siding, or decking. Commonly, and with good intentions, less experienced contractors and roofers will try one of these aforementioned options only to damage the customer’s property. Considering you likely called for help due to a ceiling leak or roof damage, adding more fuel to the fire isn’t ideal. That’s why we only use steam and it’s what we’ve used for over two decades! It’s a really cool process, which we invite you to see in the short video below:

Ice Dam Guys®: True Experts

We read a book once that said something about not being too confident as it can be unbecoming, but it’s really hard for us because we are truly awesome! OK, we weren’t born this way, but we’ve had over 25 years to perfect the art of removing ice dams and we’re true experts. In fact, we’ve been able to achieve and hold an A+ rating at the BBB for over a decade and we’ve become the top-rated ice dam removal company across the country on Google!

We’re certain when you search Google for an ice dam removal company near you that there are a number of listings that pop up, but we hate to inform you that many of those “businesses” are simply roofing contractors trying to make an extra buck during their slow season. They might say they’re insured and properly licensed, which they likely are, but for traditional roofing repairs. If they happen to get injured on your icy roof during winter, there’s a good chance their claim with their policyholder could be denied because they’ll ask, “What were you doing on a roof in the middle of winter?! This isn’t the normal scope of work we approved for you!” Conversely, the Ice Dam Guys® are layered up in so much insurance that we might be solely responsible for propping up the sector. The most important policy you need to be aware of is our General Liability coverage that is specifically for ice dam removal. This means you don’t have to worry about us on your roof and you can spend more time addressing earlier damages or simply relax knowing you’re out of the woods.

Don’t take our word for it alone, check out Kenny’s review of our work in northern Wisconsin and more online:

Kenny's Review of Ice Dam Guys®

Communities Served

The Ice Dam Guys® spend our winters throughout Wisconsin from Green Bay to Madison and Eau Claire. We also make camp in and around Oneida, Lincoln, and Marathon counties, such as:

Ashley, Eland, Evergreen, Kronenwetter, Maine, Marshfield, McMillan, Merrill, Mosinee, Rib Mountain, Rhinelander, Rothschild, Schofield, Stettin, Stevens Point, Tomahawk, Weston, and Whiting.

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