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Yes, Your Water and Sewage Bills Will Go Up After Ice Dam Removal

Last year, a customer sent me this email.

I just received a sewage bill from the city. It was 200% higher than last year.  The bill was based on water usage during the winter months. Did you guys use that much water, and can I get a reimbursement?

You need water to make steam. And when you need to melt ice dams, you need a boatload of it – almost literally.  We need to use your house’s water supply to get the ice dam off your house.

Once upon a time we tried to avoid this problem. 15+ years ago we used to try carrying an onboard water tank in a heated, enclosed trailer. It was hell on earth.  Imagine us trying to lug 8000 pounds of water down the road. And then heat it inside an enclosed trailer with a propane heater as we go down the road. The roads, of course, are already covered in ice & snow, and bumpy as ever.  What could possibly go wrong?

There’s a reason very few carry water around to do ice dam removal. Those that do are usually pressure-washing companies who carry their own water in summer. Or those who do commercial jobs where there’s no access to water.  Even then, companies that carry their own water supply are few and far between (and certainly not ice dam removal professionals).

We just can’t carry enough water to steam for an entire day while keeping the whole trailer heated enough on the road. Even if we could, we’d have to factor the expense of doing so into your hourly rate, and that’s just unnecessary.

We never thought we’d have to warn anyone of higher water bills, because most people just assume that.  But yes, you’ll want to take that into account, and you’ll want to factor it into your ice dam removal budget.

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