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Anchorage Roof Ice Dam Removal | Roof Ice Removal with Steam Near Anchorage, AK

Is your roof of your Anchorage home or business covered in ice, with an ice dam causing roof leaks or other problems? Call Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800 ICE-DAMS (1-800-423-3267) for safe, steam-only ice dam removal. We’ve removed ice dams in Anchorage and in nearby communities like Big Lake and Chugiak in February of 2024. We are properly licensed, bonded, & insured, and are the top-rated and most experienced ice dam removal company in America, and we can help you. You can end the roof leaks with a phone call.

The snow needs to be real bad for an Alaskan home to develop an ice dam that it can’t handle, but that’s exactly what’s happened in the Anchorage area this year.  Your roof has endured a lot, but now it’s taken a beating.  Now your concern is making sure the inside of your home doesn’t get damaged by water that leaks through your shingles and through your roof deck.  You’re worried about costly repairs. Your home may look like this:

Heavy snow and ice on home in Anchorage

Ice dam on roof in Anchorage, February 2024

The trouble is even in all of Alaska you can’t find a credible companyspecializes in ice dam removal – and that only uses safe and effective steam (let alone wet steam – the best) to remove ice dams.  Enter Ice Dam Guys®. We use only safe & effective “wet” steam to remove ice dams. We’ve removed thousands since 1995. We’re specialists, too. All we do in the winter is steam ice dams off of roofs.


We’re from Minnesota (we call it the Alaska of the Lower 48!), but have driven all the way to Anchorage because of all the calls we’ve been getting in the area.  We travel every year, and are known for having removed ice dams in 5 time zones.  So far in February 2024 we’ve removed some giant ice ice dams in Anchorage and nearby.  Here are mugshots of a few.

Ice dam on roof overhang at night - Anchorage, AK, 2024

Ice dam removal in Anchorage, February 2024

Thick ice dams on roof in Anchorage, February 2024

Heavy snow and ice on roof in Anchorage

Ice dam on garage roof - Anchorage, 2024

Steam removal of ice dam - Anchorage, AK, 2024

Ice dam and icicles on roof of Anchorage business

We’re the top-rated ice dam removal company in America. We’re rated A+ by the BBB. We won the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Some of our happy customers have spoken up on Google and Yelp. Do a quick Google search for “Ice Dam Guys®” and you’ll see not only are we the top-reviewed ice dam removal company in the entire United States.

We can also remove ice from commercial properties, including indoor ice (like in warehouses), and we can clear culverts and similar drainage systems.  We’ve cleaned out everything from electrical conduit to dog poo.  If it’s frozen and you need it removed safely and swiftly, we’re your guys.  Whether you live in Anchorage or a dogsled ride away you can call Ice Dam Guys® for safe same-day ice dam removal.

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