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Same-Day/Next-Day Emergency Ice Dam Removal in Augusta, Maine

If you have an ice dam emergency in Lincoln or Kennebec Counties, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for same-day/next-day scheduling! Having removed thousands of ice dams since 1995, we have become the top-rated ice dam removal company throughout the nation! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Known as a humid continental climate, Augusta and the Kennebec Valley can have some interesting winters! While not as intense as other areas of the northeast, you are able to enjoy ice fishing on the Kennebec River, so it does get pretty cold here. However, you can get thrown into some intense storms when a nor’easter moves inland. When one of those bad boys hits, you can get what’s known as an ice dam, which you can see in the photo below at a customer’s home:

An ice dam found by the Ice Dam Guys®.

If your home or business has something like the photo above, specifically with large slabs of ice or large banks of icicles, then you’ve got an ice dam and one that could cause a home emergency quickly! While they don’t accompany each storm, when you experience a particularly nasty nor’easter that has sustained freezing temperatures followed by a brief break in the weather, that’s when they will most often form.

During brief afternoons of sunshine and warming temperatures, your roof begins to warm and that leads to the slow thawing of snow. This is all fine and dandy until that snowmelt reaches your roof’s overhang and gutters, where they are still frozen. The overhanging portion of your roof is not insulated like the majority of your home, which means the sun’s warmth has less of an impact on these frozen regions. They’re surrounded by the elements both above and below. So while the large open faces of your roof are thawing properly it’s at these critical exits where the dams form. That’s because snowmelt has nowhere to go, as the downspout is still frozen, which snowballs (pun intended) into your gutters becoming frozen too. That’s a double-negative and with nowhere to go, that pooling water has to go somewhere and that’s usually inside your home.

Here’s an interior water leak caused by an ice dam that we saw in a customer’s home:

Ice Dam Water Damage found by the Ice Dam Guys®

It’s because of potentially expensive damages like these water leaks that we encourage homeowners to be mindfully aware of ice dams. While they’re hard to avoid, if you do get one, we have a quick process for eliminating them safely!

100% Safe Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Lincoln and Kennebec Counties

The Ice Dam Guys® have been perfecting the art of ice dam removal since 1995! After thousands of roofs safely clearly, we’re happy to offer the best ice dam removal method on the market in the form of 100% safe steam-only ice dam removal – courtesy of our in-house invention…Steamzilla™!

We’re not kidding when we say that Steamzilla™ was born out of necessity because when we entered the industry, “professionals” were being anything but that. Commonly, we would see out-of-work contractors and summer roofers give it their best, which was usually a disappointment. One could attribute these failures to them using the wrong tools which regularly consisted of ice picks, steel shovels, hammers, and massive bags of salt. While each of these methods could remove an ice dam from time to time, they almost always led to more damage to the homeowner’s roof. Whether it was ruined shingles, banged-up gutters, or corrosive salt melt down the siding and onto the concrete, it never ended perfectly…until we showed up!

Steam-only ice dam removal has never failed us over 25+ winters and for thousands of homes across 37 states! Using only steam to remove ice dams is the safest removal option for your home. Like a hot hairdryer aimed at an ice cream cone, our tech quickly melts the ice dam into smaller pieces. These are much easier to address than the 1,000+ pound slab of ice we started with, so they’ll carefully remove those pieces from your roof and gutters. The result is an ice-free roof and free-flowing downspouts and gutters. Here’s an example from one of our techs to provide you with a visual aid:

Emergency Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Itasca County with the Ice Dam Guys®

Pretty cool, huh? And he’s high up there too – bet you’re glad you called us! It sure beats having to climb up a 20+ foot ladder in a blizzard 🙂 Seriously though, we have the proper equipment and experience to know how to navigate these precarious situations, so let us handle the hard stuff. At the end of the day you called us because you were worried about your home – let us gently remove the problem so it stays safe and sound!

Ice Dam Guys®: Maine’s Emergency Ice Dam Removal Experts

Mainers have long trusted the Ice Dam Guys® to deliver ice-free roofs and thawed gutters! In addition to our famous reputation and winning track record, we’re also licensed and properly insured and bonded to perform ice dam removal on your home. This winter you can find us hauling our machines along the Kennebec River and surrounding communities:

Bath, Belfast, Belgrade, Brunswick, Camden, Chelsea, China, Fairfield, Freedom, Gardiner, Hallowell, Lewiston, Liberty, Rockland, Skowhegan, Unity, Waterville, Windsor, Winthrop, and Wiscasset.

You don’t have to take our word for it, so we encourage you to do your homework online to vet us. Go to Google and put “Ice Dam Guys reviews” into the search bar and see what you find. After reading thousands of praises, we’re confident that when you’re done, we’ll be the #1 choice for you and your home!

We look forward to helping you!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Augusta-area home.

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