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Damage-Free Ice Dam Removal Near Great Falls, Montana

If you’re having an ice dam emergency anywhere in Cascade County, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for immediate scheduling! Having helped thousands of homeowners since 1995, we’ve become the top-rated ice dam removal company in the United States! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Great Falls, Montana has a storied history that begins with the Lewis and Clark Expedition arriving in 1805 and becoming a railroad hub later in the 19th century. Followed by a couple of hundred years of agricultural growth and homesteading, Great Falls is now the third most populous city in Montana and home to the impressive 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base. A lot can change in a region when it’s as desirable as Cascade County, but one thing that remains consistent is your epic levels of snow! Not many places can say they have 7 months of freezing temperatures with snowfall, but Great Falls sure can! Wowza, that’s a lot of opportunities for businesses and homeowners to develop ice dams. What is an ice dam? Here’s one for ya:

Damage-Free Ice Dam Removal Near Great Falls, Montana with the Ice Dam Guys®

As you can see in the photo above, ice dams form on the eaves and gutters of your home where they are often buried under fresh snow that hides them. This can make it challenging to spot unless they have large icicle banks as the example shows. If you have long segments of icicles like that, which are unusually larger than traditional icicles, there’s a good chance (read that as 99%) you have an ice dam. You’ll want to get that removed as soon as possible since ice dams regularly cause water leaks and can produce partial ceiling collapses. Here’s an example of what we found in one customer’s home when these damages alerted them to the fact they had an ice dam getting out of hand:

Water leak damages from an ice dam that the Ice Dam Guys® found in a customer's home.

Unfortunately, ice dams happen throughout Montana when there’s sustained snowfall paired with fluctuating rooftop temperatures. Fluctuating rooftop temperatures happen when there are brief periods of intense sunlight after consistent below-freezing weather or if there’s heat loss from your living spaces into your home’s attic. While these two contributors to heat fluctuations come from two completely different sources, the end results are the same. This warming will encourage thawing in those areas but your gutters and other areas of the roof that are in the shade remain frozen. The snowmelt reaches the frozen gutters and pools behind or can slowly trickle down the downspout. However, when the evening’s freezing temperatures return, that pool and downspout freeze to become dams. Once you’re at that point, the only option is to remove it, which is where we come in!

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Cascade County, Montana

Since 1995, the Ice Dam Guys® have removed ice dams from thousands of roofs and we’ve earned the reputation of being the go-to ice dam removal company in Montana and throughout the nation! We’ve been able to accomplish this by offering our customers damage-free steam-only ice dam removal.

Unlike a lot of seasonal roofing contractors, we never use tools that can produce additional damage. As an example, we’ve seen other companies use everything from ice picks, steel shovels, insane amounts of salt melt, and power washers with hot water. While each of these methods can technically remove ice dams, they can also damage your home in a variety of ways. Shovels and picks can easily pierce your roof or damage shingles if the contractor is too fast and loose with their swings. Powerwashers are too aggressive, add additional water to the situation, and regularly peel back shingles. Ice and salt melt works at melting ice, but it produces a corrosive byproduct that can damage your home’s siding or concrete when it runs off the roof. None of these methods are consistent and more importantly, they aren’t safe enough. That’s why we invented and trademarked our own in-house steam machine, Steamzilla™!

Steam-only ice dam removal is the only option that is consistently safe yet effective. Once our technician is on your roof, they will essentially play a solo game of Tic-Tac-Toe by creating a large grid pattern across your ice dams. That allows for it to be separated into many small pieces that are handheld and easy to clear from your roof. We’ll rinse and repeat the same steps along the perimeter of your roof until you’re left ice-free with free-flowing gutters. Here’s one of our techs doing this for a visual aid:

Ice Dam Guys®: Montana’s Ice Dam Experts

Ice Dam Guys®: Montana’s Ice Dam Experts

Montanans trust the Ice Dam Guys® to work on their homes because we’re properly licensed, bonded, and insured with a General Liability policy for your comprehensive protection. When we’re not in Great Falls, you can find us in the following Cascade County communities:

Belt, Black Eagle, Cascade, Centerville, Cooper, Fields, Floweree, Fort Shaw, Gerber, Gibson Flats, Gordon, Monarch, Neihart, Portage, Riceville, Sand Coulee, Simms, Sun Prairie, Sun River, Tracy, Ulm, Vaughn, and Wayne.

We want to make it easy for you to hear from our past customers, so we linked out to our company listings on the following review platforms for your research:

  • Angi.com: 100+ happy customers,
  • BBB: an A+ rating for 10+ years,
  • Google: we’re the top-rated ice dam removal company in the nation,
  • Yelp: we have a perfect 5/5 stars from all customers.

You can also search “Ice Dam Guys reviews” to see even more! At the end of the day, we’re here to help you solve a problem as quickly and effectively as possible, which is what we plan on doing! We look forward to working with you.

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Cascade County home.

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