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Safe Ice Dam Removal in Hinckley, MN

If you have an ice dam emergency in Hinckley or throughout Pine, Aitkin, and Kanabec Counties, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1800-ICE-DAMS (800-423-3267) for immediate scheduling! We’ve eliminated ice dams since 1995 and are the top-rated ice dam removal company across America! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Located down I-35 in Minneapolis, the Ice Dam Guys® have provided local ice dam removal services for Minnesotans since 1995. Those of you who live in Pine, Aitkin, and Kanabec Counties need it too, as you get nearly double the national average of snow each year at a whopping 50 inches! Pair that with the fact your daily lows are below-freezing for nearly 7 months each year and you’ve got the perfect conditions for ice dams to form on your roof! If you’re not familiar with ice dams, they’re this mess of snow and ice in the photo below:

Safe Ice Dam Removal in Hinckley, MN with Ice Dam Guys®

As you can see, ice dams form on the eaves and gutters of your home and are often buried under fresh snow that accumulates from repeated snowstorms. This can make it hard to assess or even realize there’s an ice dam present until it’s too late. Since this is the standard pattern of the weather in this region of Minnesota, we get pounded with calls from the community looking for experts to remove these unwelcome houseguests! It’s for good reason too, as ice dams will regularly cause ceiling leaks, can contribute to ceiling collapses, and cause all sorts of damages to the exterior of your home.

Like many things in life, ice dams don’t play fair and they can pick homes seemingly at random. We’ve had customers call us and they’ve been the only house on the block with an ice dam, while other times we’ll turn the corner and most of the houses on the street have them. So why are some of us cursed with such bad luck and others aren’t?

Ice dams form primarily due to temperature fluctuations on your roof. A natural way this occurs is when the weather swings warm during the daytime hours paired with consistent sunlight but then drops below freezing in the late afternoon. That scenario is hard to control because unlike Storm from the X-Men, humans can’t control the weather. However, there are also several unnatural ways your roof experiences fluctuating temperatures, primarily – poor attic ventilation, heat loss from your home into your attic, or a combination of both. Having improper attic insulation usually amounts to having too low of an R-Value and heat loss into your attic from the living spaces commonly occurs due to attic bypasses. These are things like the cans for recessed lighting, attic ceiling hatches, HVAC ducts, and more. No matter the reason your roof is too warm, your roof’s eaves and gutters will often remain frozen due to their complete lack of insulation from being on the overhangs. You can see this below in the handy diagram:

Ice Dam Diagram by the Ice Dam Guys®

So that’s what an ice dam is, how you can identify it, and how they form, but more importantly, how do we remove them quickly so you don’t experience property damages?

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal in Pine, Aitkin, and Kanabec Counties

As the nation’s leading ice dam removal company for nearly three decades, we know a thing or two about ice dams. OK, that’s a fib, we know one really important thing about ice dams and that’s to use only steam to remove them! Steam-only ice dam removal is 100% the safest and most effective method to slice an ice dam into little pieces that are more manageable. If you’ve been contacted by a seasonal roofing contractor looking to earn some beer money, they’ll likely try an ice pick, hot water power washer, or heavy amounts of ice melt. We’ll tell you right now, those methods often lead to more issues than the ice dam!

Ice melt works wonders, but when it’s done its job, that corrosive byproduct will run down your siding and gather on your expensive concrete. You’ve certainly seen this throughout town where the concrete begins to deteriorate and crumble. That’s a big no-no all around. Ice picks are just barbaric and hot water pressure washers can peel back your undamaged shingles like no one’s business.

However, our approach using only steam to remove your ice dams is gentle for your home’s protection. Our technicians will arrive at your home to meet you and chat a bit to ensure no pressing issues exist within the home. Once they’ve determined it’s safe to go on your roof, they’ll head up there and slowly shovel snow off the top of the ice dam. This leaves the ice completely exposed and that’s when we pull out Steamzilla™ (yeah that’s right, we trademarked it!) and start creating a grid pattern in the dam. Like a hot knife through butter, this dices the ice dam into handheld pieces that we clear off your roof and ensure no ice remains. Once we know you’re safe from future ice dams, we call it a day and head to the next customer. It’s really that simple! Take a look at the photo below of one of our techs doing this:

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal with Ice Dam Guys®


Ice Dam Guys®: The Experts Minnesotans Trust

When we’re not killing it at Blackjack in the Grand Casino Hinckley, the Ice Dam Guys® can regularly be found throughout Pine, Aitkin, and Kanabec Counties. Some of our most frequent suburbs in the region include:

Aitkin, Askov, Brook Park, Finlayson, Glen, McGrath, Mille Lacs Lake, Moose Lake, Mora, Pine City, Sandstone, Sturgeon Lake, Warman, Willow River, and Woodland.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misrepresentation and outright falsehoods shared online these days, so we take no offense if you don’t trust us at our word. That’s why we encourage you to validate our reputation and the claims we’ve shared here. Simply Google “Ice Dam Guys reviews” and see how happy our past customers were to have us working on their homes! We have 500+ reviews on Google, 100+ on Angi, a perfect 5/5 stars at Yelp, and an A+ Rating at the BBB.

In addition to being the crowd favorite with our customers, we’re also licensed, properly insured, and bonded to perform ice dam removal on your home. We carry an expansive (and expensive) General Liability policy that provides you with comprehensive protection from liability – full-stop. We do this to give you peace of mind while we’re working on your icy roof. At the end of the day, you called us to solve your problems and that’s what we intend to do!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Hinckley-area home.

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