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Having Trouble Reaching an Ice Dam Removal Company? Something to Try

Sometimes our customers have a hard time getting through to us.  If your roof is leaking, probably so are your neighbors’.  Demand for ice dam removal happens in big waves.  It’s a frantic situation for you and your neighbors, and even more so for companies like Ice Dam Guys®, which field hundreds of calls in a day.  Our phones should be in the Smithsonian because they haven’t melted yet.

Still, you needed ice dam removal yesterday, so what do you do?

You need to call when everyone else isn’t calling.  Based on our two decades of ice dam removal, we can tell you when that perfect window of opportunity is.

On the weekdays, try us before 5:00 pm, or after 7:00 PM. The phones often quiet down after 7:00 PM. It happens like clockwork. On the weekends, try us earlier in the day, or again after 7:00 PM.

A “rush hour” happens in ice dam removal.  At 5:00 PM people are just getting home from work. They see the leak – a leak that might have started as early as 11:00 AM that morning, right after they left for work.  Hardworking homeowners get home, expecting the hard part of the day to be over.  They’re in a panic and they want the problem fixed.  That’s why our phones explode around 5 PM during the week.

By 7PM temperatures drop and the freeze resumes.  At this point, some people think the problem has “sorted itself out.”  It has not.  The leaks have slowed simply because they’re freezing.  Soon they’ll resume and possibly get worse.

The last thing you want to do is call us at 6PM to make an appointment, and then call us at 9PM to tell us everything’s fine.  That’s like telling the ambulance to turn around because the wound from your hunting accident has stopped gushing blood.

Your home should never leak.  Keeping the elements off your head is a pretty basic function of  a house.  The problem won’t just go away.  Sure, you can be thankful the leak paused or slowed.  That gives you a little reprieve, and time to call an ice dam removal professional.  Still, just assume the leak will resume tomorrow.

In fact, there’s a high likelihood that leak will continue working its way right under your shingles, where it may add another $5000 or more to your final repair bill.

I’m glad you’ve read this now.  At night, when the leak is most likely to have paused, you have the best shot of getting through to a safe and reputable ice dam company – like ours.  We’re an emergency service. We answer the phones until 11:00 PM.  You’ve got nothing to lose by at least trying to get an appointment when everyone else has gotten complacent.

By the way, another tidbit that can help you get help when you need it: every day we get cancellations.  Most cancellations happen late in the evening or very early in the morning.  Calling us at 6:01 AM or 10:59PM can be pain-free way to get a last-minute opening.

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