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Hey, Ice Dam Removal Guys®, Stop Cleaning Up after Yourselves!

Some customers get ticked-off at us over our meticulous cleanup procedures.  We’re guys in trucks who wear boots and don’t leave enough mess.  (Never thought you’d hear that, right?)

I can actually understand the gripe: we charge you by the hour, and cleanup takes time.  Maybe you don’t want us to clean up.  Or maybe you do want us to clean up, but you want us to charge that clean-up at a vastly reduced rate, because it doesn’t involve the same equipment and skill and danger as the part of your job where we’re standing on the frozen roof.

But here’s why we err on the side of cleaning up more, rather than less:

Picture the scene: We’ve just finished getting the ice dams off your roof. There now should be big ice chunks all over your driveway, sidewalk, and front stoop.  (They’re probably all over your yard, too, but those usually aren’t a safety hazard.)

To us, getting these chunks of ice off of your walkway, front stoop, and driveway is part of the job.  People would be mad at us if we left the mess by default.  But if you want to do the job yourself, you can tell us to pack up and we will go without doing the cleanup.  You’ll save us a ton of work, and you’ll save yourself some money.  Not a problem.

However, if you don’t tell us to go, we’ll do the cleanup for you, and we’ll need to do it at our normal hourly rate.  Why?  Because (1) hauling off giant chunks of ice and piles of snow is hard work, because of the waterlogged, heavy snow, and because (2) every minute we spend cleaning up is a minute we’re not tending to someone else’s ice dam emergency.

Someone should get rid of the mess right away. If nobody does, it will freeze again.  At that point, it’ll be nigh impossible to remove until the thaw.  It will be an icy tattoo on your property, reminding you of a poor decision for the rest of the winter.

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