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Same-Day Ice Dam Removal Near Ogden, Utah

If you’re having a roof ice dam emergency in Davis or Weber Counties, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for same-day/next-day scheduling! We’ve removed ice dams for thousands of happy customers since 1995 to become America’s top-rated ice dam removal company! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Located between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake, Ogden is ideally situated between mountain ski towns and suburban conveniences. Most of the time, this is the best of both worlds, but on occasion, intense mountaintop weather can roll down into Ogden and really produce some winter headaches! These storms most frequently occur between November and February when you receive 90% of your annual snowfall. It’s also during this timeframe that your home will get ice dams, such as the example we found below:

Ice Dam Removal Near Ogden, Utah with the Ice Dam Guys®

Ice dams commonly form in areas that are either north-facing receiving little sunlight or in places where snowmelt from different sections of your roof is funneled into one place. In the photo above, you can see how three different areas of the roof began to thaw and send runoff into the same channel above the entryway. This lower overhang didn’t get the sunlight the roof received higher up and the gutter likely remained frozen, even during the day. When the snowmelt reached the frozen gutter it began to overwhelm it and the frozen downspouts. Some water trickles over to form those large icicles you see, while the rest pools behind the gutter and develops into an ice dam. You don’t want that because hundreds of (if not 1,000+) pounds of ice on your roof have to go somewhere when it melts. Unfortunately, that often means in your home as interior water leaks. These can either be small leaks in corners or near recessed lighting or partial ceiling collapses like the example below:

Leak Damage from Ice Dams found by the Ice Dam Guys®

Since damages from water leaks can be expensive to repair, and vary in scope and size, we hope your situation doesn’t escalate to that. However, it’s because of the potential for things to go south that we encourage homeowners to call us if they see an ice dam forming so we can get ahead of it!

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Throughout Davis and Weber Counties

As the nation’s top-rated ice dam removal company for 25+ years, the Ice Dam Guys® are industry-leading experts at removing ice dams quickly and safely. We’re able to achieve this by utilizing only steam to remove ice dams. We even invented and trademarked our own in-house steam machine, Steamzilla™! Using steam ensures that your roof is left damage-free, which isn’t a guarantee with other contractors and methods.

We’ve seen others try everything from an ice pick to overpowered hot water power washers or even large bags of salt melt. We’ll tell you right now, those methods often lead to more issues than the ice dam! Blunt tools can damage your roof and break shingles, power washers easily peel back shingles while putting even more water on your roof, and salt melt produces a corrosive byproduct that can damage your concrete and siding. Again, that’s why we only use steam to remove ice dams, which is both gentle and incredibly effective! It can be helpful to see what we do, so here’s one of our techs in action for a visual aid:

Steam-Only Ice Dam Removal Throughout Davis and Weber Counties in Utah with the Ice Dam Guys®

The process is actually really simple and begins with our tech arriving at your home to meet you and assess what’s going on with your roof. Once they’re up there, they’ll lightly shovel snow off your ice dam in a small area, so they have a clear shot at working on it. That’s when they fire up Steamzilla™ to slice the ice dam into small and manageable pieces. We take these off your roof so you’re left ice-free and with free-flowing gutters. At the end of the day you called us because you worried about your home, let us gently remove the problem so your home stays intact and undamaged!

Ogden’s Best Ice Dam Removal Company

The Ice Dam Guys® has been one of the best ice dam removal companies in Utah since 1995. Since customer satisfaction and service are priorities for us, we’re also properly licensed, bonded, and insured with a General Liability policy for your protection. This means you don’t have to worry about us while we’re working on your roof and you can get back to your normal routine and schedule. If we’re not in Ogden, you can usually find us with Steamzilla™ in the following Davis and Weber County communities:

Clearfield, Croydon, Echo, Eden, Enterprise, Farmington, Farr West, Harrisville, Huntsville, Layton, Liberty, Morgan, Mountain Green, Nordic Valley, Peterson, Pleasant View, Riverdale, Roy, Taylor, West Haven, Wildwood, Wolf Creek, and Wolf Star.

We’re confident we’re the best option for your ice dam emergency, but we know a lot of people talk a big game these days. That’s why we want you to go to Google and type in “Ice Dam Guys reviews” and scroll to your heart’s content. Seriously, you can go to like page 5 and you’ll see that thousands of homeowners across America vouch for us! You’re welcome to start at some of our favorite review sites like Google, Angi (formerly AngiesList), Yelp, and the BBB.

We look forward to helping you today!

Call us now at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next-day ice dam removal for your Ogden-area home.

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