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Park City Ice Dam Removal Company – Same-Day Ice Dam Removal Near Park City, UT

Call Ice Dam Guys® at 801-821-5018, or at 1-800-423-3267 for same-day roof ice removal in and near Park City, Utah. We are properly licensed, bonded, & insured, and are the top-rated ice dam removal company in the US. You can end the roof leaks with a phone call to Ice Dam Guys®.


Ice Dam Guys®: Ice Dam Experts removing an ice dam from a customer's home.
We offer same-day or next-day rooftop ice buildup removal throughout northern Utah, including in Park City and nearby.  Known to Utahns as a winter wonderland and to many non-Utahns as the site of the 2002 Olympics and as a great ski town, Park City has also been host to some huge ice dams.

Super-long ice dam in Park City, UT

Ice dam and snow on roof of apartments in Park City, UT

Every winter for several years now, Park City homeowners concerned about roof leaks have called Ice Dam Guys®, the top-rated ice dam removal company in the US.  If you live in or near Park City and have an ice dam and maybe a roof leak, help is a phone call away.

Call 1800-ICE-DAMS

DIY solutions to ice dam removal? Not worth the risk

DIY ice dam removal is dangerous – to life and limb, and to your home. Ineffective ice dam removal alternatives include salt pucks, heat cables, and pantyhose filled with rock salt.  Those can cause even more damage if salt water comes pouring through your walls and ceiling.

Also, given the fortune you’ve paid for your home in Park City, there’s even more damage you can cause your home in an ill-conceived attempt to remove your ice dams yourself (or at least it will get very expensive before it gets dangerous).

Solution: Ice Dam Guys® same-day ice dam removal with steam

We help homeowners across the US, including in Park City and Salt Lake City and other communities in Utah  News stations often interview us.  We’ve been doing this since 1996, and nobody else has our experience at traveling to homeowners who need us.

Ice Dam Guys in Park City in 2023

We are the top-rated ice dam company in America (just Google our name), and we’re proud to serve Park City homeowners.  We’re rated A+ by the BBB.  We won the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  You can check out reviews from some of our happy customers on Google and Yelp.

Ice dams everywhere fear the Ice Dam Guys®. But because we only use steam to remove ice dams, we’re able to remove the ice dams from your roof gently.

Unlike roofers and gutter cleaners, we’re specialists in ice dam removal. That’s all we do in the colder months. Even in the warmer months we’re busy caring for and tuning up our fleet of custom-built, $7,000-apiece ice dam steamers. Like Utahans, we know what to do in the winter.

Ice Dam Guys in Park City in 2023

If you’ve got an ice dam, many of your neighbors also have ice dams.  That means we’ve probably got Ice Dam Guys® techs near Park City already, a phone call away. Call us now at 801-821-5018 or 1-800-423-3267 for same-day / next day ice dam removal in Park City and peace of mind.

Call 1800-ICE-DAMS

What Utahns Say about Ice Dam Guys®

“We had a major ice dam that was leaking a river into our Park City home. No one could come with their little hatchet and break it open EXCEPT….The Ice Dam Guys! We found them searching Ice Dams and they immediately got back to us and scheduled an appointment within a couple of hours. They were on time; went right to work and boy, did they have a job after all the snow we’ve had. The ice dam in question had a foot of water behind it. They went non-stop and cleared all the places another ice dam could get started. We were beyond happy with their prompt, professional service. And by the way, our home insurance paid us back for the “emergency” repairs and commented that they wouldn’t have to pay for roof repairs when the guys with hatchets got done poking holes. Use these guys, they’re good and the steam really makes it go fast. A neighbor had a chopper and he barely made any headway while The Ice Dam Guys were all over our roof.” – Joel McNair (see review on Google Maps)

“We own a mountain cabin with a metal roof and, in six years of ownership, had no issues with leaking of any kind until 2019. After a particularly hard winter, we had a waterfall rolling down the inside of our dining room walls. I was changing towels out once an hour and they were sopping wet. Our contractor and our property manager told us there was nothing we could do and we’d have to wait it out until spring when everything thawed. How in the world was that going to work when no one lives there full time? How much water damage would we have to incur? I got online and found the Ice Dam Guys. I was so nervous to call a company out of the blue and that was offering a procedure neither of my native Utah advisers had ever heard of. My husband and I decided we had to try. That was absolutely the right call. Ty was great. He worked so hard and long removing an ice dam that was about 1.5′ tall. It had gotten so big that it was pushing up the seam of the roof on the dormer window thus allowing the melting water to come inside. He even took pictures for us so we could see the damage he was finding and, because we couldn’t see the area of the roof that was affected, took a picture upon completion (see attached). It took longer than expected and he was very kind in working with us to keep the actual cost as close to the estimate as possible. Following the removal of the ice dam, there has been no more leaking, even through the melting snow in the spring. It was expensive to have the ice dam removed, but likely saved us a lot more in terms of water damage and those expenses.” – Dana Spencer (see review on Google Maps)

Ice dam emergency? We can help.
Proper Ice Dam Removal in 26 Seconds

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