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Emergency Ice Dam Removal in Pocatello, Idaho

If you have an ice dam emergency near Power, Bingham, or Bannock Counties, call the Ice Dam Guys® at 1-800-423-3267 (800-423-3267) for priority scheduling! Since 1995, we’ve removed thousands of ice dams to become the most-rated ice dam removal company in the nation! We are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

Known since the Gold Rush as the “Gateway to the Northwest”, Pocatello and the surrounding communities are fantastic areas to live in! While you’re not quite as lush as some of the Pacific Northwest, you still have amazing forests and natural settings with most of Power and Bannock Counties covering southeastern Idaho’s most attractive terrain. It’s no wonder Idaho State University and the Bengals made Pocatello home back in 1901.

While Pocatello isn’t known for its extreme weather, it seems each winter you’re hit with a few monster storms that really wreak havoc on the community. Oftentimes, these storms produce ice dams that appear on homeowners’ roofs that can look something like the one below:

Emergency Ice Dam Removal in Pocatello, Idaho with the Ice Dam Guys®

Pretty ugly, huh? As the example above demonstrates, ice dams can become behemoths on your roof that often weigh several hundred pounds to well over a thousand! While all ice dams may not be as big or overpowering, even smaller ones can become problematic for businesses or homeowners. This is because the large icicles they have can fall on people or property and the ice atop the roof will often thaw and become interior water leaks. Unfortunately, it can be hard to notice an ice dam has formed, which is why many customers only realize they have one when they start to see the evidence. A good example of what to look for can be seen in the image below:

Water leak from an ice dam that the Ice Dam Guys® found at a customer's home.

Hopefully, you’re home when that happens, as you’ll be able to catch it early and avoid more repairs. However, we’ve visited vacation rentals and second homes that were unoccupied, and in those instances, we’ve found partial ceiling collapses from the leaks getting out of hand. While those collapses are rare, they can show you the potential destruction these ice dams can produce.

Ice dams regularly produce water leaks because of all the frozen ice that’s camping out on your roof. In an ideal world, as the snow on your roof warmed it would thaw and that snowmelt would exit your roof via the gutters and downspouts. But in really adverse storms that have had sustained snowfall and below-freezing weather, it often doesn’t work that way. Commonly we’ll see that a portion of the roof has begun to thaw but the gutters remain frozen. This is because the gutters don’t have insulation or an attic below them, like most of your roof. Being isolated and unprotected like that keeps the ice in the gutters and on your overhangs frozen longer than the areas in the daytime sun. When that snowmelt trickles down to the frozen gutters it has nowhere to go and pools behind them. Or they will slowly trickle over and down the downspout. Either way, when the afternoon darkens and the below-freezing temps return, those pools of water or trickling downspouts become frozen. And that’s when things get really bad because it’s just added more volume to an existing blockage and it’s only going to get bigger as the cycle rinses and repeats over the coming days. That’s when we come in!

Damage-Free Ice Dam Removal Throughout Power, Bingham, and Bannock Counties

Since 1995, we’ve been tackling ice dams and many consider the Ice Dam Guys® to be the industry leaders. We humbly agree because we introduced a method of ice dam removal many years ago that has been a game-changer. That method is steam-only ice dam removal that is 100% safe and damage-free for your home!

Prior to using hot steam, many contractors tried all kinds of methods that were questionable at best. The most popular were ice picks, steel shovels, and large amounts of ice melt. We never got into those methods because both the ice pick and shovel can easily damage your roof with a missed swing. Ice melt actually can melt ice, but the byproduct it produces is a corrosive liquid that can damage your home’s siding, trim, or concrete. The reason you called an ice dam removal company in Idaho is that you were worried about your house – why try to solve it with something that can further damage it?! That’s when we decided to be different and we invented (and trademarked) our in-house steam machine – Steamzilla™!

Using only steam to remove ice dams is the safest option for your home! Most important are how gentle the steam is and how effective it is at cutting through ice. The hot steam we use is no different than any steam, which is non-abrasive and gentle, so your home’s expensive roof and shingles will be left undamaged. Also, like a hot knife through butter, the steam is able to effortlessly cut into the ice. This allows us to make a grid-like pattern across the ice dam that transforms it into smaller pieces that we remove from your roof. The whole process is very low-impact but high on results. Here’s one of our technicians working as a visual aid:

Damage-Free Ice Dam Removal Throughout Power, Bingham, and Bannock Counties with the Ice Dam Guys®

We’re adamant about steam-only ice dam removal because it’s never let us down! Considering we’ve been doing this for 25+ years and across the entire country, that’s saying something.

Best Ice Dam Removal Company in Pocatello

Idahoans have trusted the Ice Dam Guys® for 25+ years and it’s because we’re properly licensed, bonded, and insured with a General Liability policy for your protection. This means you can spend less time (or no time!) worrying about us on your icy roof and you can start putting this whole ice dam behind you! You can find us hauling our machines through the following communities:

Aberdeen, American Falls, Blackfoot, Chubbuck, Fairview, Firth, Fort Hall, Gibson, Grandview, Groveland, Inkom, Liberty, McCammon, Pauline, Pingree, Portneuf, Riverside, Rockland, Snake River, Sterling, and Tyhee.

To learn more about us and see what thousands of past customers have had to say about our work, we’d ask you to Google us. Simply search for “Ice Dam Guys reviews” and see what our customers say about us on your favorite review site. We’re confident we’ll be your #1 choice and recommend you check us out on Google, the BBB, Yelp, and Angi.

We look forward to helping you today!

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