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Storm Chaser Ice Dam Removal Companies

“You guys aren’t storm chasers, are you?”

Every winter we get that question over the phone, because we work with people across the US.  But unlike many companies, we’re not storm chasers.  Rather, the concerned homeowners who call us are Ice Dam Guys® chasers.

We travel to where we’re needed – not based on the weather forecast, but based on what people tell us they need.

People don’t call the best-rated ice dam removal company in the US when the skies are clear and their homes look like quaintly frosted gingerbread houses.  No, they call us when a big ugly snowstorm (or a series of storms) has piled snow on their roofs, causing ice dams that cause roof leaks.  So in that sense we go where the storms are – but so does every other ice dam removal company (legitimate or wannabe).

We’re not storm chasers, because it takes more than a storm to bring us to town.  Some bad-looking storms don’t require the Ice Dam Guys® artillery, because we’re certain the weather will clear up before homes get ice dams or before those ice dams cause leaks.  Some storms are in places where people just don’t get ice dams, or aren’t too concerned about ice dams, or where ice dams don’t usually cause leaks.  Some storms are in places where the local resources are good enough.  In those cases we simply aren’t needed, thus we don’t travel there.

Storm chasers turn on The Weather Channel and see dollar signs.  Their ragtag crews pile into a couple of grimy old trucks and hit the road.  When they show up they knock on doors and stick their signs in yards like New York squeegee men.  Often they operate under fake business names, tout certification by fake ice dam removal “professional” organizations, and carry improper insurance or no insurance at all.  You won’t find them so easily if after you’ve paid the invoice something seems wrong.

We do none of those things.  The big difference here is that people ask Ice Dam Guys® to come out. We get calls from people all over the country, often from states we’ve never been to and sometimes from places we’ve never heard of. People say verbatim, “You need to get out here and help us.”  That’s simply due to our reputation, with our 20+ years of experience and hundreds of 5-star reviews on various sites.  We try to maintain a helpful site, continue to focus on solving one very specific wintertime problem, and that’s about it.

The day may come when you stare up at the dangerous ice dam on your roof and wonder what to do. You might just search around online to discover your area has no reputable ice dam businesses. When that day comes, you might be very grateful that we’re willing to get out of our comfort zones and take an 8, 10, or even 20-hour drive just to get a steamer and an ice dam removal expert up on your roof.

That’s why our customers are happier when our trucks show up than when they decided to call us, and they’re happiest when our trucks pull away.  We didn’t chase the storm, but they sure are glad we didn’t run away from it.

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