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Average Cost of Ice Dam Removal

The average cost of professional ice dam removal is about $475-$675 an hour, usually.  If you find ice dam removal for less than about $475 an hour or more than about $675 per hour, chances are you’re being played either by a greenhorn or by a company trying to cash in on your misfortune.


We’ve based that estimated average cost on what we’ve noticed in 20+ years of removing ice dams professionally.  We also base that number on the assumption that the ice dam removal company uses steam (and ice dam steamers of at least passable quality).  Our figure doesn’t take into account the rates of companies that use hot-water pressure washers, torches, or other inadequate methods.


Often there is a minimum number of hours (e.g. 2-4 hours) for which homeowners will need to hire an ice dam removal company.  Those minimums tend to be based on how long a relatively small job takes under reasonably smooth conditions.  Jobs often take much longer for a variety of reasons, including if the roof is large, if the weather is unusually bad, if the roof is hard to access or navigate, or if access to water is difficult.  Other factors can make a job take longer.  Beware of companies that don’t charge a minimum.  Either they’ll cut corners, or they’ll use some trick to fatten the invoice.


Larger homes tend to take longer (because they have more linear feet of overhang), but just because you have a smaller home does not necessarily mean your ice dam removal will go faster.  Small, rambler-type homes can accumulate huge amounts of vertical ice (i.e. ice that stretches up the roof rather than just along the edge).  A vertically-forming ice dam on a smaller home can take just as long or longer to remove than a more-spread-out ice dam on a larger home.


Of course, the quality of companies varies significantly, and just because an ice dam removal company charges a high rate doesn’t mean its good.  Our rates happen to sit toward the higher end of that range,  because we’re the most experienced, longstanding ice dam removal company, and that we offer the best service money can buy, which is one reason we’re also the best-reviewed ice dam removal in the US.


Some companies may need to charge more than the standard rates for ice dam removal if they’re offering a kind of “speedy service” guarantee, or if it’s a winter of extraordinary demand.  (Some heavy winters require a responsible ice dam removal company to pay staff significant overtime, hire additional short-term help, invest in more equipment, etc.)  Also, advertising costs skyrocket (as in they can multiply tenfold or more) during periods of high demand for ice dam removal.


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