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Same-Day Ice Dam Removal Service: How It Works & When You Need It

We, Ice Dam Guys®, were the first ice dam company (that we know of) to offer same-day ice dam removal service.  We wish we had thought of it, but it was our customers who made it clear there was a need.  If you have an ice dam, you want it gone yesterday.

You can contact us now for same-day service, or read on to see the answers to questions our customers sometimes ask us.

What’s the point of same-day ice dam removal?

It can minimize the damage caused by ice dams on your roof.  The ice dam has probably caused a leak in your home that may lead to expensive repairs, damaged property, black mold, and a generally uncomfortable and stressful atmosphere.  If the ice dam has caused leaks, the sooner you can get it removed, the less you’ll pay and suffer in the grand scheme of things.

What’s the “average” ETA of an ice dam removal company?

It depends on the company and on how much demand there is, but they often book 2 or more days out.

The big issue with many ice dam removal “companies” is they’re not companies at all, but rather out-of-work contractors looking to make an easy dollar.  As such, they may have difficulty keeping their appointment with you.  When ice dams show up, they show up in waves, and even 1-2 Budweiser-guzzling contractors can get booked pretty quickly.  The combination of their newfound busy-ness and the lack of a professional receptionist to keep appointments mean that the “local guy” offering ice dam removing may end up cancelling on you last-minute.

Is same-day ice dam removal more expensive?

No.  We offer it because we can: we have the largest crew of ice dam removal pros (that we’re aware of) in the US, and the back-end staff to make sure that we can keep our appointment to you.

Who else offers same-day service?

Besides our company, Ice Dam Guys®, we aren’t sure if any ice dam removal companies offer it (and have the ability to perform it).  There are a couple OK companies that may offer it.

What’s the downside of same-day service?

None.  There are no “rush” or “trip” fees, because if you’ve got an ice dam, we’ve probably got Ice Dam Guys® technicians in your area already, in which case we’re not far.

You’ll just need to be aware of the fact that if you’ve got an ice dam emergency, so do your neighbors.  That means our phones are blowing up and we’re on a tight schedule.  Even though it’s an “emergency” and may come at a hectic time for you, you’ll want to be home while we’re removing your ice dam, if at all possible.  It’s best if you help us turn on the water, tell us about any property you don’t want smooshed by falling blocks of ice, and can pay promptly (we can’t leave until we’re paid, and any time we spend waiting is “on the meter”).

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