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7 Winter Home Maintenance Tasks That Will Save You Money (and Your Sanity)

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Link: 7 Winter Home Maintenance Tasks That Will Save You Money (and Your Sanity)

7 Winter Home Maintenance Tasks That Will Save You Money (and Your Sanity)

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The long, dark days of winter are upon us, and with COVID-19 still keeping us closer to home, we’re keenly aware of all the maintenance tasks we’ve put off or let slip through the cracks.

And we hate to break it to you, but it’s time to get to work.

Well, no. You don’t have to do anything. But if you do, we guarantee you’ll save some money—and maybe even your sanity—down the line. A modicum of maintenance now will prevent astronomical repair costs in the future.

So we asked a few experts for a list of things we should do while we hole up at home. Some of the tasks are things you can tackle yourself, and some might be better suited for a professional—following COVID-19 safety precautions, of course. But don’t worry: We’ve outlined how you can get them all done—as quickly as possible, of course, so that you can get back to your precious spot on the sofa.

  1. Get an energy audit for your attic
  2. Check for cracks
  3. Get a jump-start on spring painting
  4. Swap out your outdoor dryer vent covers
  5. Upgrade to a smart thermostat
  6. Install hardwired smoke detectors
  7. Give your portable generator a checkup

1. Get an energy audit for your attic

We marvel at the beauty of the occasional sparkly icicles that hang from the eaves—but they could also mean your attic isn’t adequately insulated.

“These primarily occur when there’s heat being lost from the interior living space of your home that leaks into your attic space,” says Joe Palumbo, president of Ice Dam Guys. “When that heat [from the roof] ‘interacts’ with the frozen snow on the outside, it can create an unnatural melting cycle that doesn’t actually allow for the melting snow to leave the roof.”

If you don’t resolve the fluctuating temperatures in the attic, these ice dams can cause water accumulation to back up into your attic, causing damage to the roof and ceiling of your home.

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Written by on November 8, 2023

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