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The Polar Vortex Could Severely Damage Your Home

Media: HouseBeautiful
Link: The Polar Vortex Could Severely Damage Your Home



Here’s how to prevent any problems.

With dangerously low temperatures across much of the United States, everyone is bundling up before they venture out into the polar vortex to protect themselves from the unbearable cold, especially in the Midwest. Fewer people, though, are taking the same care of their homes and it’s leading to major problems.

Because yes, your home is almost as vulnerable to the weather as you are and severe damage to your roof, pipes, windows, toilets, and more can easily occur if they’re not taken care of accordingly. Seriously…not even our potties are safe. New York Magazine shared a post on Instagram of a toilet tank that actually exploded in Minnesota because it froze:

Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Home

Calculate How Much Snow Your Roof Can Hold

Though having no toilet is obviously a state of emergency in and of itself, having a functioning roof over your head is even more important. Should you live in an area with heavy snow and ice piling up on your roof, try calculating how much load your roof can handle with this Snow Load Calculator before it causes any damage.

According to the Ice Dam Removal Guys, snow should be removed about every six inches of pileup. For more information on how to remove it, click here.

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Written by on November 8, 2023

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