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Best Winter Job in Montana: Ice Dam Removal

“Winter job” may not narrow it down much, because a Montana winter is mighty long. But at least it doesn’t need to be boring, and it doesn’t need to be a time you don’t have enough work and just eat away at your savings.

If you’d like a great-paying job for a few weeks or a couple of months, and especially if you don’t mind hitting the road, apply to become an ice dam removal technician this winter.

You probably know all about ice dams already, but just for the record, ice dam removal simply is this: we use steamers to remove multi-ton blobs of ice from our customers’ roofs. Ice dams cause roof leaks and all kinds of other damage. We’re the best and most trusted ice dam removal company in the US because our techs follow great SOP in the field, routinely save our customers’ homes from serious water damage, stay safe, and then do it again.

You don’t need to know anything about ice dam removal to apply for this job (we’ll train you).

Ice Dam Guys®: Ice Dam Experts removing an ice dam from a customer's home.


Depending on things like the snowfall and a guy’s work ethic, an ice dam removal tech can easily make a couple thousand dollars in a weekend, more thousands in a week, and anywhere in the 5-figure range over a winter. The ice dam season usually lasts 6-10 weeks, give or take a few weeks.

For probably 4 of the past 5 winters we’ve had crews working in Montana: some guys FROM Montana, and some guys from out-of-state (including from Utah, Wyoming, and our native Minnesota). When we have ice dam removal jobs in Montana, we tend to have a ton of them, and they tend to be big. We’ve worked in Bozeman, Billings, Big Sky, and just about everywhere else in the state.

Removing ice dams in Helena in winter of 2018!

If you don’t mind some new scenery, there’s usually also a lot of work in nearby states. In most winters we usually also remove ice dams in Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and even Oregon and Washington.

If you live anywhere in Montana and would like to make some good money on the road this winter, you can find out more and apply to become an ice dam removal technician.

P.S. If you have some buddies who could use a good job this winter and who you think might be good at ice dam removal, please pass this along to them.  If we end up hiring them, you can let us know you sent them and we can probably give you a finder’s fee as thanks.

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