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People Who Misspell “Ice Dam” “Ice Damn”

Spell it right, ice dam removers!

Photo courtesy of stanleykemp.blogspot.com

You know an ice dam removal “specialist” is dumber than a brick – or has never seen an ice dam in his life – when he spells it “ice damn,” with an N.

Nothing wrong with spelling it wrong if you don’t deal with ice dams every day.  But if you supposedly deal with them for a living?  That’s not a good sign.

I won’t name names, but I’ve seen a couple of so-called ice dam removal services who make this mistake.  I can only shake my head.

A dam is an obstacle that holds back water – that stops water from flowing.  As in the Hoover Dam.  “Damn” is something you say when you stub your toe.

If you know how ice dams form, you know why you’re called that.

Heat rises through the house, melts the snow on the hot upper part of the roof, and then the water rolls down to the much colder area around the gutters, then refreezes into a big blob of ice.

That big blob is the ice dam, because water (from more melting snow on the roof) can’t flow past it, and instead gets dammed up, causing roof leaks and causing the ice dam to grow even larger.  The ice literally forms a dam.

Would you trust an attorney whose business card read “John Doe, Personal Injury Loyer”?

If not, don’t entrust your money or your home to an ice dam removal “professional” who can’t even spell “ice dam,” possibly doesn’t know why it’s called a “dam,” and possibly can’t remove one from your roof safely and quickly.

Written by on March 17, 2013

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