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Ice dam removal work can be quite expensive, but trust us when we say “hire a professional”.  We have seen more damage done to rooftops by homeowners and non-qualified (often times uninsured) contractors than we can keep count of.  It’s important to remember that the shingles atop your roof are very delicate and need to be treated with great care.

High-pressure water, hammers and chisels should NEVER be used atop your roof in an effort to remove ice. Steaming and/or low-pressure hot water is the ONLY safe and effective way to remove ice from your rooftop without damaging your shingles or gutters!  If snow is to be removed from atop your roof, make certain your contractor is using ONLY poly-edged shovels.

Because ice dam removal is such an expensive process, it draws in a lot of contractors who have little to no experience in removing ice dams.  Make certain you hire a qualified and insured contractor who uses only steam to remove your ice dam! Palumbo Services, Inc. is your one-stop-shop for safe and effective professional snow and ice dam removal services.

Ice Dam Definition: “An ice dam can occur when snow accumulates on the slanted roof of a house with inadequate insulation and warm air leaks into the attic at penetrations for plumbing stacks, wiring, chimneys, attic hatches, recessed lights, etc. These warm air leaks are known as attic bypasses.

Written by on September 19, 2011

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