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Officials urging homeowners to clear their roofs as rain approaches

Media: WAOW-TV
Link: Officials urging homeowners to clear their roofs as rain approaches

Experts are urging homeowners to clear their roofs as soon as possible, before multiple rainfalls hit central Wisconsin.

“With the rain we’re expecting a lot of that to be soaking into the snow, so if you still have a lot of snow on your roofs, patios, or decks, it’s going to become really heavy and slushy,” said News 9 Meteorologist Sam Kuffel, “Adding a lot more weight.”

The president of Ice Dam Guys, Joe Palumbo, says the mixture of the rain and the snow causes it to get heavier than you would expect.

He’s advising that you take extra time to not only clean your roof, but clean your gutters, overhangs, and get rid of ice dams on your home to avoid large costs in damages.

“You would go from as low as maybe $1,000 there for broken gutters, to a few thousand if part of your overhang were to break off,” Palumbo said, “Make it $2,000 to $5,000, but if you had an actual roof collapse you’re talking tens of thousands of dollars.”

Palumbo also mentioned that if it’s unsafe for you to get up on your roof, you should hire someone or get as much off as you can from a ladder or the ground.

For more information on how snow affects your home, you can visit https://icedamremovalguys.com/how-much-does-roof-snow-weigh/

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Written by on March 14, 2019

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