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Written by Joe Palumbo - Head Ice Dam Guy

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Snow Shovels

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Removing ice dams from roofs

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Is Your Roof Safe?

Heavy snowfall takes a toll on Chicago-area roofs — and collapses could be just the start of the misery

An Ice Dam on Your Roof Can Cause Big Problems

What is an ice dam and how do I prevent them?

In the Treasure Valley, ‘dam’ is now a four-letter word

When should you remove snow and icicles from your roof?

Your Roof Can’t Wear a Puffy Coat in Cold Weather. Here’s How You Can Keep It Cozy.

The Man Who Invented Ice Dams

The ice dam cometh. Are you ready?

Minnesota ice-dam wranglers find warm welcome out East

When should you remove snow and icicles from your roof?

Officials urging homeowners to clear their roofs as rain approaches

Dam! The ‘ice cowboy’ is on your roof, doesn’t like what he sees

Ice dams proving to be cold reality this winter

Ice Dam Guys® helps homeowners in Chicago

Too Small to Fall Victim to Identity Theft? Think Again.

Ice Dam Guys® Save Boise from Snowpocolypse

Removing Ice Dams in Idaho!

Another Reason to Get Ice Dams Removed: They Can Block Your Exhaust

How to Protect Your Home from the Snow and Ice of Winter Storm Jonas

Should You Install Heat Cables to Prevent Ice Dams?

Dirty Job: a Day of Ice Dam Removal

Joe Palumbo chats with WCCO News Talk 830

DIY Ice Dam Removal: a Good Idea?

Joe Palumbo answers questions live on MyTalk 107.1

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Not All Ice Dams Are Created Equal

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3 Roof-Raking Tips for Quicker and Easier Roof Snow Removal

The Truth about Ice Dam Removal Safety Training

People Who Misspell “Ice Dam” “Ice Damn”

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Ice Dam Prevention Tip – Turning the Heat Down

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Pre-Vacation Ice Dam Prevention Measures

5 Ways to Deal with Water Leaks Caused by Ice Dams

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How to Forecast (and Prevent) Ice Dams

Why Does Ice Dam Removal Cost So Darn Much?

Top 5 Ways the Wrong Ice Dam Removal Service Can Make Your Life More Difficult

eHow.com’s poor advice for ice dam removal

Ice dam removal damage

Ice Dam Salt Pucks

Why should you hire us?

2 things you can do to fight ice dams